The best bots for Discord and what they are for

Bots for Discord

Despite the fact that Skype was one of the first platforms to offer calls over the Internet, over the years, other platforms have reached the market that have become popular in certain niches. In the case of video games, we need to talk about Discord.

Discord is a communication platform that was born focused on solving the communication problem that existed between online games, games that did not offer the ability to speak through the game, something very common in most games.

Over the years, this application has become a success both inside and outside the world of video games. In addition, it has included bot support in order to automate certain tasks.

This type of bots are widely used among streamer communities to manage all the followers and thus avoid having to manually supervise all the content that is published or shared.

Types of bots

In Discord we can find two types of bots: Certified and non-certified. Certified Discord bots have passed the Discord certificate program, ensuring that they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bots that are not part of the certificate program, can work without any problem 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (at least they should), but also they are likely to do it erratically.

If you want to know the best bots for Discord, I invite you to keep reading.



MEE6 is one of the most popular bots among the most numerous user channels, since it puts at our disposal a large number of functions to automate its operation such as welcome messages, moderation tools, includes custom filters to eliminate the publication of bad words, links or pornographic content ...


If you want to know first-hand what are the news of your usual gamesYou should give PatchBot a try, a bot that shows us all the news of the latest updates of your favorite games without having to leave the application, which will allow us to save valuable time that we can use to play.



In communities where the streamer speaks several languages, it is convenient to make use of the Translator bot, a bot that automatically takes care of translate the content to the language we want.

Offers support for more than 100 languages, and although it does not offer support for colloquial words, it is undoubtedly a fantastic tool for the entire community to be united regardless of the language they speak.


If you have tired of seeing how many of the users of your Discord channel send spam links, promoting their channels or sending any type of content, the solution is to use the Wick bot.

This bot will take care of protect our channel of advertising links and advertisements. In addition, if the users are repeat offenders, it will expel them and block them in the channel so that they can not access again.



Hangman is nothing but the popular game Hangman, a game that will allow you to play with your friends or followers directly on your Discord channel.

The only negative point is that the words they are in englishYes, but, no matter how little English you have, it is very easy to find out what word it is.


If you are looking for an effective moderation tool to control the clutter of your Discord channel, ProBot is the bot you are looking for. Probot automatically analyze the content that all users of your channel they post to kick and block them.

Also mutes automatically repeated spam messages sending warnings to users and allows us to establish a series of punishments if they violate community rules.



If you want to listen to music on your Discord channel, you can use the dabBot, a bot that allows us play music from different sources, from YouTube to Soundcloud and from more than 1000 radio stations around the world.

It also allows us to reproduce playlists. Of course, if you are a streamer, you must be careful so that you do not block your channel for using material protected by copyright.


We keep talking about another bot related to music. Hydra is a bot created to meet the needs of channel users, allowing them to request songs for them to reproduce. This bot is available in Spanish, it allows us to link the account with SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube among others.


trivia bot

El classic Trivial It is also available in the form of a bot for Discord, a bot that makes more than 3.000 questions of all kinds available to all the followers of a channel to spend some fun time with our friends and / or followers.


For all those people obsessed with your channel numbers, the ServerStats bot is there to help you. ServerStats allows channel owners to know at all times the number of people who follow them, who are online, who interact to a greater extent with the community ...

dc type

As we can well deduce from its name, Tip is a bot that allows us receive tips from any cryptocurrency through our Discord channel. In addition, it includes a large number of games to further involve our community.


Idlerpg. allows us to play a text-based role-playing game without having to leave this platform. Users can create their characters and perform missions. As in any role-playing game, you can buy objects, create a group and interact with other players ...

You can be a warrior, wizard, thief, ranger, ritualist, raider, or paladin. From there, you can start having fun.



One of the best features of Carl-bot is the reaction roles that allow establish automatic messages according to the type of messages that are published and it is very useful to allow users to identify themselves on large servers.

Carl-bot can also log all messages and has a moderation toolkit so you can send bans, warnings or send users who do not follow the rules outside of our channel.

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