How to disable automatic running of a program in Windows 11

Windows 11

Windows 11 It is the latest version of the operating system of Microsoft, which includes improvements and new features compared to its little brothers that seek to optimize the user experience. However, on some occasions you may experience speed problems, especially when several Programs run automatically when you turn on the computer. This automatic execution not only affects the boot time from your computer, but also to system resource consumption and therefore to performance thereof.

Disable Autorun of unnecessary programs can significantly improve speed and efficiency from your computer. Additionally, this option will allow you to have greater control over your work environment, allowing you to prioritize those functions and applications that you really need. In this article we will explain why it is important to disable these programs that you do not use and what the benefit of this is. To do this, we will give you several methods to achieve this in Windows 11.

Why disable automatic program execution?

When we install new programs on our computer, many of them are configured to start automatically when you turn on the PC. This may be essential for some essential applications, but most of the time many of these programs are not necessary from the start and contribute to slowing down performance. Here we present some reasons to disable autorun of these programs:

  • System performance. All programs that start automatically consume CPU and memory resources, which can lead to a decrease in overall performance, especially if your computer is not very powerful.
  • Security. Certain programs and applications may cause security risk if they start automatically, especially those that are not updated regularly.
  • Boot time. The boot time of your computer will be longer the greater the number of applications it must start. Disabling unnecessary programs can reduce this time.
  • Personalization.. This option allows you personalize your user experience, ensuring that only the most important applications start automatically.


Benefits of controlling startup programs

Customizing this feature and controlling which programs start automatically in Windows 11 offers several benefits:

  • Better system performance by freeing up resources that would otherwise be occupied by unnecessary applications. Your computer will become smoother and faster.
  • Fewer distractions by launching only the applications you need, avoiding unnecessary interruptions.
  • Battery time optimization by reducing running programs and, therefore, energy consumption.

Methods to disable automatic running of programs in Windows 11

There are different ways to disable automatic running of programs in Windows 11. Here we present the simplest ones.

Using the task manager

It is possible to use the task manager to disable this feature. For this you will have to access task manager using the command «Ctrl + Shift + Esc«, or by selecting it from the taskbar. Once opened go to the “Home” tab where all the programs that run automatically in Windows will appear. Here you will have to select program that you want to deactivate and click on the button «Disable» that appears in the lower right corner.

Using Windows Settings

To disable the launch of applications with this method you will have to open settings by pressing "Win + I" and, once here, go to «Apps" and then to "Home«. Here you will find a list of applications that start with the system, being able to see which ones are enabled and which ones are not. To deactivate the automatic start of a program you will only have to change button that appears next to the application a «Off«.

Using the registry editor


Another option available to deactivate this automatic application launch is to use the registry editor, although we recommend doing it from the previous ways since modifying the Windows registry can be risky if not done correctly, so we recommend that you always carry out a backup your registry before making any changes.

To open the registry editor use the command "Win + R", type "regedit" and press the Enter key. Once here, write the following route: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run". Inside this folder you will see a list of entries that represent the programs that start automatically. To deactivate these programs you will have to do Right-click on the corresponding application entry and select "Delete."

Using the Task Scheduler

To disable automatic launch of certain applications from the task scheduler you will have to open it using "Win + S", type "Task Scheduler" and select the application. Once here you can browse the library to see specific tasks or applications scheduled to start. To deactivate it Select the one you want and click "Deactivate" in the right panel.

Resolution of common problems

windows screen

Although disabling automatic program execution is a simple task in most cases, some problems may arise. Here we tell you the most common ones and how you can avoid them:

  1. Essential programs. Be sure to do not disable essential programs for system operation such as antivirus or drivers. Research each application carefully before disabling it as it may pose a risk to your PC.
  2. Programs that are activated again. Some programs may be automatically re-enabled after you have disabled them. In these cases check internal settings of the program or evaluate the possibility to uninstall it directly if you don't need it.
  3. Errors when deactivating. If you are trying to disable programs and encounter errors, it may be helpful reboot the system and try the process again.

Disable programs with third-party applications

In addition to the tools built into Windows 11, there are several third-party solutions that can help you manage and disable programs startup more efficiently. Some of them are Startup Delayer or CCleaner. These offer quick solutions and advanced options to cControl which applications run at system startup. These applications also allow you to analyze and optimize other aspects of your computer's performance, providing a comprehensive solution to keep your PC fast and efficient. Therefore, they are always a recommended option for performance optimization, regardless of whether you want to disable programs or not.

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