Microsoft improves the copy and paste function in Excel

Microsoft improves the copy and paste function in Excel

The copy and paste function in Excel It is a classic that can save us a lot of time, and even avoids the typical errors that we could make when transcribing data from one cell to another. If you are a user of this functionality, you will be happy to know that improvements have arrived.

Microsoft is very focused on the development of AI, but that does not mean it is leaving aside its operating systems or its office tools. Therefore, it continues to surprise us with improvements and new features.

What does the copy and paste function in Excel consist of and how does it help you?

What does the copy and paste function in Excel consist of and how does it help you?

Within keyboard shortcuts that we can use in Windows, cut or copy and paste is one of the most popular and also one of the most useful.

In the specific case of Excel, we are talking about a feature that allows us to take data from one location to another in a spreadsheet:

  • Cut. When you choose the “cut” option, the selected data disappears from its original location and is copied to the operating system clipboard.
  • Copy. Copies the selected data to the clipboard, but it remains in the original cell.
  • Paste. Those data that we have cut or copied are pasted directly from the clipboard to the location we have chosen. And they disappear from the clipboard.

This functionality allows us can be of great help when we are working with a spreadsheet. Because it serves to:

Reorganize data

If you need to rearrange rows or columns of data, or change the order, simply do a “stick cutter” of the data. In a few minutes you will have everything ready, without having to go through the tedious process of retyping the information you want to change location.

Move data between spreadsheets

With the copy and paste function in Excel we can take data from one spreadsheet to any other, as long as it is within the same book.

Reduce errors

The more times you have to reproduce a piece of information, especially if it is a figure, the more likely it is that you will make a mistake and then the final result will not match what you expected to obtain.

If instead of doing the transcription by hand we use the windows commands to cut or copy and paste in Excel, you reduce that risk.

Copy and move formulas

Many people who are not advanced Excel users don't know it, but the cut or copy and paste function does much more than just move data from one cell to another. Also Allows you to move formulas within a spreadsheet. Something that is very useful when you need to reorganize complex formulas or you have to copy them from one cell to another to continue working with them.

Rearrange graphic objects

If you've included charts, images, or other visual elements in your spreadsheet, you can also easily move them from one place to another with this functionality.

What improvement does Microsoft now offer us in the copy and paste function in Excel?

What improvement does Microsoft now offer us in the copy and paste function in Excel?

As we have seen, the main objective of this functionality is to save time and possible errors, and the update that has just arrived goes in that direction. Because what Microsoft wants is for us to be able to work in an even more agile way, eliminating the number of clicks required to operate in Excel for the web.

Users are already noticing improved drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier to select and relocate rows and columns. Which It saves us from having to click in different spaces and simplifies and speeds up the process.

This is not the only improvement, others have also arrived, and all of them are being applied automatically, without the need for you as a user to have to install anything:

  • Autocomplete. The enhancement allows you to add data to a cell and have the information automatically wrap in related cells.
  • Paste. Now, when copying data, a pop-up icon appears with the different paste options that are available. This is very useful when we work with formulas.
  • Control over data. Excel on the web now offers you the options of “Formulas only”, “Format only” and “Values ​​and format”, so that as a user you have greater control over the data.

Aside from the new improvements for the copy and paste function in Excel, we can do this procedure through a simple keyboard shortcut. Click on the range of cells you want to copy and press Ctrl + C (Command + C if working from a Mac). To paste, select the cell or range of cells and press Ctrl + V (Command + V from Mac).

Tricks to get more out of Excel

Tricks to get more out of Excel

If you want to get even more out of Microsoft's spreadsheet tool, pay attention to these tricks:

Select all

If you need to select the entire contents of a spreadsheet to cut or copy and paste it in another location, click on the icon that appears in the upper left corner of the document. Right between the “A” in the column and the number 1 in the row.

Extract data from a PDF

If they send you a PDF document with a table that you have to work with in Excel, you don't have to copy it by hand, try this trick:

  • Open a blank Excel sheet.
  • Click on the “Data” tab and then "Get information".
  • Choose the option “From a file.”
  • If the option “From a PDF” appears, choose this one directly. If it doesn't appear, use “From text/CSV”.
  • Select the PDF document that has the table you are interested in.
  • Double click on the file name and click on the “field”Table”.
  • If the preview is correct, double-click “Table”.
  • press "Close and load"

After this you should now have the table in your spreadsheet.

Protection of sheets and cells

If there are multiple people working on the same document, you can protect the information from unwanted changes.

  • Right-click on the tab of the sheet to protect, at the bottom of the Excel window.
  • Choose “Protect sheet”.
  • A dialog box appears where you can set a password.
  • Select which modification actions will be allowed on the sheet.
  • Click on "To accept".

There are many ways to take advantage of spreadsheets and use them faster and easier. Without a doubt, the changes to the copy and paste function in Excel make using this office tool even easier.

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