What versions of Windows 11 exist and what are their differences


El windows operating system It is, without any doubt, the most used currently and since its inception in 1985 by the general population, since it is a very simple to use, complete system and easy to acquire by buyers. Since its inception, Windows has developed numerous versions of its operating systems that implement improvements and fix bugs from its past versions. In such a way that Windows 11 is the last version of the giant Microsoft, although different versions have been developed within this operating system so that each client can find the one that best suits their needs.

Most of the time you buy the Windows 11 license The original or commercial version of this system runs, which is the most suitable for the general public, but if you are going to use your computer for work or need other more advanced functions, you may be interested in another version of this system. In this article we will analyze the different versions of Windows 11 and we will study its characteristics so that you can find the one that best suits you in case you are thinking of installing this operating system on your computer.

Windows 11 version history

Microsoft's objective with each of the licenses that we are going to discuss is that each client, based on their needs y work or recreational requirements, have at your disposal a fully adapted and complete version. If you want to know the best tips to get the most out of your operating system, we invite you to visit our specialized category since it can be very useful to improve your experience in this system.

Below we will talk about each of the versions that Windows 11 presents and we will analyze its characteristics so that you can quickly find the best one for you. We will also discuss the main differences that exist between these versions and what functions each one is intended for.

Windows 11 Home

Windows menu

Windows 11 Home It is the basic version of this operating system and the one installed by default on most of the computers you buy with this license. It is a very complete version for general users who do not need extra functions and who only need a good performance to enjoy their computer. Despite being the basic version, it has everything you need to navigate smoothly and use Microsoft programs like Office 365, Excel, or PowerPoint, among others.

One of its main differences compared to Windows 10 is the menu design and presentation aesthetics which is appreciated much more optimized and modern. There are also improvements in terms of performance and browsing speed between applications and screens. Of course, they have also corrected the errors of their previous version and reinforced the system security.

From WindowsNews We advise you to consider this basic version if you are looking for a fast operating system but do not need professional functions or extra layers of security, that is, if you use the computer for occasional use and it is not your work computer, Home may be a good option for you .

Windows 11 Pro

windows key

Windows 11 Pro is the professional version of this operating system that has the more advanced features for those who need greater performance and characteristics of a work computer. We recommend this option if you need a computer to work and you think that the basic version is not enough for you, since Pro guarantees you extra performance and speed for your day to day.

As we have mentioned, this version offers great improvements over its basic option since it is designed to develop more complex functions that require greater processing speed, security, and optimization. Some of the notable changes included in this version are extra layers of security and encryption to increase the protection of all your data and movements, compatibility features between devices and the highlight are the enterprise-enabled features that will allow you to get the most out of the administration of your company or work. Due to these improvements, the professional version has a higher price than the Home version.

Windows 11 Education and Pro Education

Microsoft has also designed two versions intended for the education and the field of teachers, a basic version and a professional version with better features. That is to say, it is a version designed for the common computers of schools, institutes and universities, as well as for teachers' private computers. Its main difference with Home is that it offers a greater file and data security.

Windows 11 devices

La Pro Education version allows the possibility of installing it on several computers in the same school environment, maintaining a common configuration to facilitate its subsequent use in student learning. Likewise, it also restricts certain uses so that students do not access some applications or certain applications can be installed. unwanted files.

11 Windows Enterprise

Enterprise is a version designed for companies and for those who are looking for the best performance and the most complete version of this operating system to work with, ranking above even the Pro version. Some of the improvements included in this version are the fproductivity and collaboration tools and functions between different devices, as well as the maximum system security.

company computer

In other words, it includes the best applications and features so that your company can get the most out of it and work from this operating system with all the advantages and comforts. However, the license is more expensive than the Pro version, so our recommendation is that you value the two options depending on the demands of your company or work.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstations

This version is definitely the most powerful on the market right now when it comes to this operating system, as it guarantees the better performance compared to the other versions. It has the maximum performance and optimization that Microsoft has been able to develop, as well as guarantees a very high level of security and protection. In accordance with these advantages, its price is also higher.

It is a rare license since it is not for everyone, we recommend considering this version for those who find the Pro version insufficient and need very advanced functions and high processing and speed to do your job. For example, high-level programmers or CEOs.

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