Windows 10

Why Windows 10 is slow

If our PC begins to go slower than normal, we must download a series of problems before completely reinstalling our copy of Windows 10u

Windows 10

What is Windows Hello for?

Find out more about this tool called Windows Hello that we have on our Windows 10 computer and its usefulness on the computer.

Windows Update

Why won't Windows 10 update?

If you have problems when installing Windows 10 updates, in this article we explain the reasons and the solutions.


How to delete your Facebook account

Discover the two options you have on Facebook that allows you to delete or deactivate your account and how it is possible to do it in a simple way.

SATA Express

What is SATA Express

Find out all about SATA Express, what it is and how useful it is, plus why it is not being used today.


What is a black leg processor?

Find out more about what a black leg processor is and what makes it different from other processors in this article. Explained in detail.


Best VPNs for Windows 10

Discover this selection of VPN that you will be able to use safely and very easily on your Windows 10 computer. Available for free.

DNS Servers

What are free DNS servers

What are free and open access DNS servers. Find out more about what these DNS are and how useful they are on our computer.

Gmail add-on

The best add-ons for Gmail

Discover this selection with the best add-ons that we are currently available for Gmail and thus get more out of the account.

How to view the properties of a file

Thanks to the properties of a file, we can quickly know if the file is damaged or if, on the contrary, the extension does not correspond to its format.

Symbol of the system

How to disable command prompt

If you want no one to be able to access strangers on your computer, the best thing you can do is disable access to the command prompt.

How to hide files in Windows

If you want your files or directories not to be seen by anyone who uses your computer, the best we can do is hide it.

Microsoft Edge

How to clear history in Microsoft Edge

If you do not want to leave a trace on your computer of the searches and web pages you visit with Microsoft Edge, then we explain how to delete the history

IP adress

What is the IP of my computer

If you want to know what the IP of your computer is quickly and easily, in this article we show you how to do it in two simple steps.

How to make the Windows 10 taskbar transparent

When it comes to customizing our computer, Windows offers us a large number of options that allow us to do so. The problem is that making the taskbar transparent in Windows 10 is a very simple process that we can do thanks to this application.

Windows Defender

How to disable Windows Defender

Since Microsoft introduced Windows Defender for the first time by the hand of Windows 10, this application has become the preferred tool to Deactivate Windows Defender completely, it is a very simple process that we can do as we explain in this article.

Enjoy Minesweeper, Solitaire, Chess again on Windows 10

If you already have a few years on your back, as is my case, surely you have gone through almost all the versions of Windows that have reached the If you want to enjoy Minesweeper in Windows 10 again, in this article you will find the way to do it.