Windows Update

What is Windows Update

In this article we show you what Windows Update is, how it works, what it is for and how to fix it if it doesn't work

Windows offers you support for when you have problems

How to get help in Windows 10

There are many times that we do not know how to solve a problem in Windows. Here we present all the options to search for help in Windows

dss files

How to open DSS files in Windows

Opening files in DSS forces us to install a third-party application, since, being a proprietary format, it is not compatible with Windows

How to mute apps in Windows 10

If you want to temporarily silence an application that plays audio or video on your computer, in this article we will show you how to do it.

Install fonts in Word

How to add fonts to Word

If you want to know how to add fonts to Word, in this article we show you the steps to follow to achieve it.


How to find out the MAC of our PC

Knowing the MAC of a device allows other devices to limit access to our network even if they know the connection password if they are not registered in the router / modem.

Free up RAM

How to free up RAM in Windows

Freeing up RAM memory is a process that we must do when our computer stops working with the same fluidity as when we started it.

Fonts in Windows 10

How to remove Office fonts

If you want to delete an Office font and you don't know how to do it, in this article we show you the steps to follow to get it.

Windows 10

What processor does my PC have

If we want to replace the processor of our team, the first thing we must know is which one you have at the moment to find a superior one.

Windows 10

How to delete apps in Windows 10

Deleting applications in Windows 10 is a very simple process to carry out and that will also allow us to recover space on our hard drive

Windows 10

How to make our team start faster

If you want your computer to start faster, the first thing you should do is deactivate the applications in the start menu that you do not use.