animal crossing

How to get Animal Crossing for PC

Although there is no official way to download Animal Crossing for PC, there are some alternative methods to get there. We explain them to you.

open office

What is OpenOffice?

What is OpenOffice exactly? We tell you here the history of this free office suite and other details that you will be interested in knowing.

Microsoft Word

How to save a Word file to PDF

To convert a Word file to PDF, it is not necessary to resort to web services, since the application itself allows us to do it easily.


What is the System32 folder

The System32 folder, which we find inside the Windows folder, is the most important folder in Microsoft's operating system

Open jp2 files

How to open .jp2 files

The jp2 format is not natively compatible with Windows, so we have to resort to third-party applications to open and convert it.

Open webp files

What are and how to open .webp files

If you have come across a file in webp format, you cannot find a way to open it without using the browser, in this article we will show you how to do it.

Steam logo

How to gift a game on Steam

Discover the steps to follow to be able to give a user a game on Steam in a very simple way for their birthday.