Manage fonts on a PC with Font Viewer

Thanks to the Font Viewer application, we can quickly and easily manage all the fonts on our computer, including those that we have not yet installed.

Windows 7 ISO image

Links to download the ISO image of Windows 7 in Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate versions to be used freely.

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn

For the not inconsiderable figure of 26.200 million euros, the Redmond company, Microsoft, has just acquired the LinkedIn portal, dedicated ...

How to locate Regedit in Windows

Regedit is the Windows registry where all the configuration of our version of Windows is stored, such as startup, user configuration ...


Norton doesn't get along with Windows 10

It seems that Norton does not get along with Microsoft Edge, this among other things due to the lack of extensions, something that other antivirus programs probably have.

New interface in Wordpad

This simple and minimalist Windows text editor has been totally remodeled with a more complete and intuitive interface ...