How to create hidden folders on your PC

PC hidden folders

We are all used to work with folders on our Windows PCs. These elements provide us with a simple way to save and organize different files on our computers. These directories are accessible to any user who has permissions to enter a computer. But what happens when it comes to private or confidential information? A good solution is to create hidden folders on PC. We are going to talk about it in this post.

Although it is true that Windows offers us the possibility of password protect file content, there are many users with enough knowledge to access them. On the other hand, a hidden folder is more secure. If we can make a folder invisible to the eyes of an intruder, there is a much greater chance that it will be safe from prying eyes.. Pure logic.

A basic security issue

La protection of our files It is one of the big concerns of anyone who uses a computer. Especially when connected to the Internet. We are not just talking about business and professional computer equipment, but about simple users who save all kinds of files on their PC (images, videos, personal data, accesses, etc.).

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Error: "Important security and quality fixes are missing from your device"

Whatever the case, It is almost an obligation to take some precautions to protect us from unwanted visitors and block access to certain folders. This is especially important on computers that are used by multiple people (in an office or workstation, for example), where it is relatively easy to make the mistake of leaving a session open.

Luckily, Windows offers us the possibility of converting more sensitive folder samples into undetectable files. In the following paragraphs we explain how this is done.

What is a hidden folder

hidden pc folder

On any PC there are, by default, numerous folders already created. Many of them belong to Microsoft's own operating system, while others are created automatically every time we install a new program or application. They are also the folders that we create manually to save our documents, photos, etc. The latter are the ones that concern us most when we talk about privacy and protection.

A hidden folder, as its name suggests, will no longer be visible to the eyes of anyone who accesses the computer. By hiding it, we will not be able to find it in any location, although it is actually there. In order to access its content, we will have to stop hiding it. It seems convoluted, but it's actually very simple.

windows folders colors
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Create a hidden folder on a PC step by step

Hiding a folder in Windows is a relatively simple operation. All we have to do is use a simple command for CMD: attrib. Through this command it is possible to modify the attributes of any file or folder on our computer. The idea consists of influence its parameters to assign different attributes to files or folders.

Those parameters we are referring to are the following:

  • A: It tells us if the file has been modified or not.
  • R: It allows you to configure the directory as "read-only" and thus prevent its content from being modified.
  • H: Used to mark the file as hidden.
  • S: It is used to mark the file as hidden and at the same time as “read only”.

It is precisely these last two parameters that we must use to protect and hide a folder. By adding the "+" sign we will assign the parameter and by adding the "-" sign we will remove it. Let's see it with An example:

attrib +s +h «c:/WindowsNoticias»

Using the command attrib and playing with the symbols and parameters, we have achieved that the folder «WindowsNoticias» has been hidden. This means that it will not appear in the directory list even when we search for it through CMD.

Surely at this moment you are wondering how you are going to be able to access the hidden folder again if it can no longer be seen or found in any way. The answer is simple: To make the folder visible again you just have to undo the action using the negative signs for the assigned parameters. Continuing with the previous example:

attrib -s -h «c:/WindowsNoticias»

With this new command, the folder will no longer be hidden from us. But also for anyone who accesses our computer. Precisely this is also The main weakness of this method. Anyone who knows the trick and has already used the command attrib Sometimes you know how to "discover" hidden folders on a PC. That means that the formula for creating hidden folders on a PC is only partly useful.

The ideal is to combine this method with the classic protection systems that Windows offers us, such as the possibility of protect files with passwords. This action can be carried out quite simply, without having to resort to third-party programs. It is a good way to have well hidden content in our folders.

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