How to delete a Word page?

tricks how to delete word page

The Microsoft Office text editor is one of the most used worldwide, because it is easy to use and offers many functionalities. However, there are actions that, due to how uncommon they are, may be a little more complicated, as occurs when delete a page from word.

If you want to delete a page that contains text, or a blank one, from your document, pay attention to the simple tutorial that we have prepared for you. In a few minutes you will have the format exactly as you want it to be.

Why delete a page in a Word document?

There are many reasons that may lead us to the need to delete a page in Word. When we prepare long documents, such as a report, a thesis, or a final degree project, knowing this functionality can save us a lot of time.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need to delete a page in a Word document:

  • Unwanted content. Sometimes, we don't really know how, a blank page slips into a place where we don't want it to be, and we need to delete it to maintain the clean and professional format that we were giving to our document.
  • Reorganization. If you make a very long document, you may want to make some changes to the organization of the content after rereading it, and this may make it necessary to delete certain pages.
  • Change in structure. Other times, the problem is not so much content as structure. It turns out that now you no longer need a specific page, and you want to eliminate it and keep the flow of information consistent.

How to delete a page in Word with content

delete pages in word document

The first thing we recommend is that you make a short copy of the content of the page to be deleted in case it turns out that you did need it. Then you can start working on getting rid of that unnecessary page.

Click on the page indicator that appears at the bottom left of the text editor window. A column will open with the pages that make up the document, choose the one you want to navigate to. Another alternative is to click on "Gonna" and choose the page in question.

Once you have located the page to delete, Select all the text and delete it. What you will now have will be a blank page.

How to delete blank pages in a Word document

steps delete page word

Whether you have obtained a blank page using the method that we have just seen, or if it has been cast in the middle of your document due to an error, don't worry, because it can be quickly eliminated.

In the "Sight" click on the option «Multiple pages», you will find it in the section "Zoom". Check the blank sheets detected. Now go to "Start" and activate the option «Show or hide ¶». This will show you all the objects that were not visible but were in the blank document, the paragraph markers. It is these that do not allow you to delete the page so easily.

Delete them all as if it were normal text. Disable the “Show or hide” option «. With the page now completely blank, you can delete it.

Go up to the immediately previous paragraph, place the cursor behind the last word or the last point and press "Suppress". This will cause the text that was under the blank page to occupy it and become integrated into the document.

If the blank page was the last one in your document, when you click on "Delete" it will disappear completely.

Delete a range of consecutive pages

It may happen that you need to delete several consecutive pages. For example, if the content of the document has become obsolete. In this case, what we can do is delete all those pages at once. To achieve this, just follow these steps:

  • We press F5 to open the “Find and Replace” dialog box, tab "Gonna" click on "Page" and we enter the number of the first page to delete. By clicking on "Enter" we will go to that specific page.
  • We close the dialog box that we have opened and now we press F8 for Extended mode to activate.
  • We press again F5 and open "Find and replace". Now we enter the number of the last page to delete and press "Enter".
  • Then click on "Remove" and we verify that the indicated pages and those between them have disappeared from the document.

Deleting a page in Word is not complicated, with the steps we have seen you can quickly delete all those blank pages or pages with content that you do not need. The final result will be a perfect job, ready to deliver in digital format or to print.

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