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Windows Noticias It is an AB Internet website. On this website we are in charge of sharing all the latest news about Windows, the most complete tutorials and analyzing the most important products in this market segment.

Since it was launched in 2008, Windows Noticias It has become one of the reference websites in the Microsoft operating system sector.

The editorial team of Windows Noticias is made up of a group of Microsoft technology experts. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.


  • Daniel Terrasa

    Editor specialized in technology and internet issues with more than ten years of experience in different digital media. I have worked as an editor and content creator for different e-commerce, communication, online marketing and advertising companies. I have also written (and write) on economics, finance and other sectors websites. My work is also my passion. Now in Windows Noticias, I dedicate myself to exploring the exciting universe of Windows every day from the inside. My goal is to convey to readers all the possibilities that the Microsoft operating system offers us to achieve our goals, both professionally and personally.

  • mayka jimenez

    I belong to one of the first generations that grew up in the company of technology. Almost as long as I can remember, computing and technology have been in my life and have fascinated me. From MS-DOS to the legendary Windows 95, I dedicated much of my adolescence to exploring the world of computing. My interest in this field has only grown over time. And, now, I am lucky to be able to combine my passion with my profession. For me, every day is an exploration adventure to discover the latest Windows news, so that I can tell you about it later in a simple and enjoyable way. Because I firmly believe that technology should be accessible to everyone. Will you join me on this journey?

  • Jorge Conde

    My name is Jorge and I am passionate about the world of technology, networks and the digital world. You could say that technology is life, in my case, my life is technology. I have a background in computer programming and have many years of experience working with Windows and Microsoft-related applications and systems. As a professional, I have been an editor for more than five years, specialized in this field to help resolve doubts for my clients and get the most out of their digital systems. I love staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the technology sector, as well as sharing my knowledge and advice with other users. My goal is to offer quality, clear and educational content that adds value to my readers and helps them improve their experience with Windows.

Former editors

  • Ignatius Hall

    My story with Windows began in the 90s, when I received my first PC as a birthday gift. It was a model with Windows 3.1, the operating system that revolutionized the world of personal computers. I was fascinated by its graphical interface, its icons, its windows and its ease of use. Since then I have always been a faithful user of all the versions that Microsoft has launched on the Windows market. I have lived the evolution of Windows over the years, from the jump to the 32-bit environment with Windows 95, to the launch of Windows 11, the most advanced and secure operating system in history. I have experienced the improvements in performance, stability, security, connectivity, and customization that Windows has offered to its users.

  • Joaquin Garcia

    I am an editor passionate about Windows, the operating system that has conquered the world of computing and that, despite the attempts of its competitors, continues to be a benchmark in the market. I've been using Windows since 1995 and I love its versatility, ease of use, and constant innovation. Furthermore, I believe that practice makes perfect, and that is why I dedicate myself to writing about Windows, its news, its tricks and its tips. My goal is to share my experience and knowledge with other users, and help them get the most out of this magnificent operating system.

  • Francisco Fernández

    I have been passionate about everything related to technology since I had my first computer, an old IBM with Windows 3.1. Since then, I have closely followed the evolution of this operating system, which has accompanied me in all my personal and professional projects. Currently, I am dedicated to the management of computer services, networks and systems, both in the public and private spheres, and I always trust Windows to guarantee the security, performance and efficiency of my solutions. In addition, I like to share my knowledge and experiences with other users through the Internet, that is why I manage some web portals such as iPad Expert, where I offer tips, tricks and news about the world of mobile technology. In this blog, you will be able to see everything I have learned over the years related to the Microsoft operating system. I hope you find it useful and interesting.

  • Villamandos

    I am a Windows enthusiast, the operating system that has been with me for years. I love exploring the new features each new version offers, like dark mode, action center, or game bar. In my daily life, Windows is an essential tool with which I can work on various projects, such as writing articles, editing videos or designing presentations. It also allows me to enjoy my free time, whether browsing the internet, listening to music or playing my favorite games. Windows is more than an operating system, it is my adventure companion.

  • Manuel Ramirez

    For as long as I can remember, I've been around Windows. I fondly remember the first operating systems I used, such as 95, 98, XP and 7. Each of them offered me a unique experience and helped me develop my computer skills. But without a doubt, the one that has impressed me the most is Windows 10, which promised so much at the beginning and has not disappointed. It is a modern, fast, secure and versatile operating system that adapts to my needs and preferences. I love its design, its interface, its applications and its functions. As someone dedicated to the arts, Windows makes my daily work much easier. Whether editing photos, videos, music or texts, Windows offers me the right tools to do it. It also allows me to access a wide variety of cultural and artistic content, from books and magazines to movies and series. Windows is my window to the world of creativity and inspiration. Writing about Windows is something I also enjoy. I like to show them the advantages and benefits of using Windows, as well as give them tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

  • Miguel Hernández

    I am passionate about software and, in particular, Windows, the operating system I have used for years. I love discovering all its features, tricks and new features, and I like to stay up to date with the latest updates and improvements. I believe that sharing content and knowledge about Windows is a way to help other users get the most out of this operating system, and that is why I dedicate myself to writing articles, tutorials and advice about it. My goal is to offer useful, clear and practical information about Windows, and resolve questions and problems that may arise for readers. I love learning new things about Windows every day, and also receiving feedback and suggestions from users.

  • Doriann Marquez

    I have been dedicated to the world of computing for 8 years, working as a user support technician and network and server administrator. I love solving problems, optimizing resources and ensuring the security and performance of computer systems. Furthermore, I am a fan of mobile technology, I am always looking for and trying new applications for my smartphone or tablet. I like to explore the different options and functionalities they offer, and compare them with similar ones. My passion for technology also leads me to write about it, especially about Windows, the operating system that I use both in my work and in my leisure. I like to share my knowledge, experiences and opinions about Windows with other users, and that is why I write articles, reviews and guides on this topic. My goal is to inform, educate and entertain my readers with my texts.