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excel connectors

Using Excel in offices is very common, and today It is one of the most used tools by companies. This program developed by Microsoft belongs to the Office suite that also includes programs such as Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, among others.

Excel is a spreadsheet that allows you to manipulate numeric and text data in tables formed by the union of rows and columns. It is intended to perform calculations and/or keep certain records of a company's data.

Many employees use Excel to perform basic or complex calculations that would otherwise require a lot of effort and time. And for this, some have created xls connectors.

Working with Excel sheets is no longer rigid: you can create as many connectors as you need and in the combinations you prefer.

But what are Excel connectors? We'll tell you then.

What is an Excel Connector?


The functionality of the Excel connector allows extract structured data into an excel sheet and dump them in singular fields or in a group of fields included in the panel of a process.

Integrates spreadsheet capabilities and allows you to upload an Excel file with previously configured operations and formulas.

The Excel Connector has a set of operations that allow you to read data from and write it to the Excel file to, in this way, let Excel handle the calculations and then read the results and store them in the company's data model.

Therefore, the Excel connector it cannot be used to load data into files that are loaded using forms or expressions.

What Excel connectors exist?

a connector for excel

OR Connector

It is a complement of the IF function. Use the OR function, one of the logical functions, to determine if some conditions of a test are TRUE.

OR function returns TRUE if any of its arguments evaluate to TRUE, and returns FALSE if all of its arguments evaluate to FALSE.

A common use for the OR function is expand the usefulness of other functions perform logical tests.

For example, the IF function performs a logical test, and then returns one value if the test evaluates to TRUE and another value if the test evaluates to FALSE.

Through the use of the OR function as the logical test of the IF function you can test different conditions instead of just one.

Y connector

It is a complement to the IF function. It allows evaluating several logical expressions and knowing if all of them are true. If all are true, return the response with the true value, if one of the conditions is not met, it returns the response with the value false.

I connector

When you need to find data that meets more than one condition, such as units sold between one month and another, or units sold by a specific supplier, you can use the AND and OR functions together.


The XO function is a logical function. I know used to return logic unique to all arguments. The function returns TRUE when the number of TRUE inputs is odd, and FALSE when the number of TRUE inputs is equal.

If you want to apply the XO function you must select the cell where you want to see the result. Then press the icon Insert function that is placed on the top toolbar, or right-click the selected cell and choose the Insert Function option from the menu.

Press the icon that is located in the formula bar, and select the Logical function group in the list, click on the XO function, and enter the corresponding arguments separated by commas. Finally, press Enter. You can see the result in the chosen cell.

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