Hidden games in the Google search engine

hidden games in google search t-rex

The existence of hidden games in Google search It's not an urban legend. We all know the addictive dinosaur game that has to overcome obstacles, because on more than one occasion we have resorted to it while waiting for the Internet connection to return.

However, this simple and addictive game is not the only one easter egg hidden in Google. Pay attention because we are going to reveal to you what the rest of the secret games are and how to access them.

T-Rex Game

Without a doubt, the best known of the hidden games in the Google search engine, although it has little hidden.

Si you use Chrome as a browser, in the moment in which Internet connection is lost A screen appears with a dinosaur warning you of what is happening. Well, if you click on it, a mini game will start.

Your goal is guide the dinosaur through a desert full of cacti that you can't touch. As you progress, the T-Rex will go faster and faster, making it difficult for you to avoid obstacles.

Google Pacman: one of the most desired games hidden in the Google search engine

pacman google

Yes, because no one in this world can resist a game of the mythical Comecocos. This friendly character has been on screens around the world for more than 40 years, filling his belly and trying to avoid the ghosts.

Have you felt like playing a game? Well, you can do it through Google. It's as simple as go to the search bar and type “Google Pacman”, the result will immediately appear and the option to start the game.

As an important detail that has us in love, this Pacman has the graphics from the original version created by Namco at the time. Even the sound effects are the same. The result is a perfect game for an afternoon of eighties nostalgia.

Google Earth Flight Simulator

When Google Earth appeared, we all spent a lot of time browsing and discovering other parts of the world through our computer screen. In fact, there are people who have made searching for curious things in applications like this, or Google Street View, a real hobby.

If you still have that curious time Google Earth installed on your computer, you can play their particular version of Flight Simulator.

Open Google Earth and go to "Tools", from there you will see the direct option to access the flight simulator. You just have to choose the location and start enjoying the feeling of flying over your favorite places in the world.

Zerg Rush

google hidden game

If you thought that the history of hidden games in the Google search engine had started with the T-Rex, you are wrong. The true origin is found in the mini-game Zerg Rush.

Write “Zerg Rush” in the search engine and click on the first result. A lot of "o's" will begin to appear and move to the bottom of the screen. Your mission is to capture them before they disappear.

Atari Breakout, the most nostalgic of the games hidden in the Google search engine

If playing Pacman already seemed like an exercise in nostalgia, you'll see when you discover that Google has hidden the mythical Atare Breakout. One of the first video games in history, as simple as bouncing a ball on a platform and trying to break all the bricks with it.

Type "Atari Breakout" in the search engine, click on the first option that is shown and get ready to Hours and hours of fun. Because there is no way this game can be less addictive.

Here you have a perfect entertainment alternative for those moments when you are in front of the computer and you can't think of how to pass the time.

Snake Game

google snake game

Do you remember the mythical snake game that came in all Nokias? At the time, more than one person bought a phone from this brand just to spend hours playing Snake.

However, Nokia didn't invent it either, because This game has more than four decades behind it. Its dynamic is as simple as it is addictive, you have a snake and you have to feed it. But as it eats it gets bigger, and that makes it difficult to move, because it can't hit the walls or itself.

In the Google version you have customization options How to choose what your snake is going to eat. A watermelon, maybe a banana?

To access you just have to write «Snake Game» in the search engine and the option to play appears directly to you. If you prefer a pixelated version in the traditional style, write «snake game google maps».

Run, draw!

Try typing “run draw” in the search engine and click on the first result. You access a website through which you can participate in a study on machine learning artificial intelligence.

Do you remember those classic games where you had to draw something and the rest of the players tried to guess what it was? Well, this game works exactly the same, except that the person trying to guess what you are drawing is an AI system.

It fulfills a double objective. On the one hand, you entertain yourself and release your creativity and, on the other, you help the development of artificial intelligence. In fact, you will notice that this becomes more and more accurate as you spend time in the game.

cricket doodle

This little game was released at the time as a Doodle, but It was liked so much that it remains one of the hidden games in the Google search engine. As in all previous cases, type "doodle cricket" in your search bar and access the first result.

You will find a nice game in which some grasshoppers enjoy a cricket match. The objective is to hit the ball and score runs.

Hidden games in the Google search engine that can make us have a very entertaining time. Furthermore, all of them are simple and extremely addictive, perfect for passing the time. Did you know them?

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