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It is evident that the AI It is completely revolutionizing our world, especially everything that has to do with technology and digital devices. It is true that artificial intelligence began to be used a long time ago, since 1956, but until not so long ago it had gone quite unnoticed or, at least, we were not as aware of its potential as we are now. This is mainly due to the appearance of Chat GPT, a very controversial tool that has set off all the alarms about artificial intelligence precisely due to its incredible potential And it is the most powerful intelligence to date.

This intelligence is capable of perform thousands of operations, searches and processing in just a few seconds, using for this a complex algorithm system, to give an effective answer to practically anything we ask. To take advantage of this tool, in this article we will talk about how you can create Excel formulas using ChatGPTThat is, even if you don't have a very advanced level in Excel, you can use complex formulas using artificial intelligence. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us to learn step by step and get the most out of your spreadsheets.

How ChatGPT works

ChatGPT is a complex artificial intelligence system that has the intelligence level 4, that is, the maximum developed so far. Its operation for the public is very simple, we will only have to ask in the chat the questions we want to resolve, or dictate the parameters you have to follow so that you can develop a more complete response. However, the internal processing of AI is something very complex that few can fully understand.


This intelligence works using a large database that organizes in different formats to facilitate subsequent processing when a task is required. When using chat, intelligence uses a series of very complex algorithms and mathematical models for process all data related to the issue that arises and can develop an appropriate response. Furthermore, this system has a continuous feedback and learning, that is, it is perfected as it is used so that it becomes a more perfect machine each time, using the feedback from the chat to minimize errors and get more accurate answers.

How to use ChatGPT to create Excel formulas

Once we know how to use ChatGPT to resolve our doubts, we will focus on how to get the most out of it to create working formulas in Excel spreadsheets. One of the advantages of this AI compared to the previous ones is that in addition to providing you with an answer, it gives you an explanation to make your work easier and, even if you have not understood it, you can ask it to clarify it for you in more detail. That is, you will not have any problem understanding it, ChatGPT will behave like a teacher who you can ask for information on any topic.

Using the operation formula

There are several ways to create Excel formulas from ChatGPT. One of them consists of ask directly for the operation formula what you want to do. For example, if you want multiply one or more columns in your spreadsheet, you will have to write in the chat: What is the formula to multiply columns in Excel? Given this, The AI ​​will generate the formula and give you an explanation with examples so you can apply it directly and easily. Another example would be asking you for the formula to get the average of all the values ​​of a row and/or column saying How to calculate the average of values ​​in a column in Excel? As in the previous example, ChatGPT will give you all the tools you need to achieve this.

Excel formula

Using the spreadsheet structure

Another method that you can use to help you with artificial intelligence in your Excel practices is describe the structure of your spreadsheet and ask for the function What do you want to do so that ChatGPT dictate exactly the formula you must enter to get it. This case is much easier since we simply you will have to copy and paste the formulaHowever, sometimes it is difficult to describe in detail the rows and columns you want to work with, especially when it is a very large spreadsheet.

An example, suppose you have numeric values ​​in all rows from 2 to 100, and you want calculate the mean of all these values ​​in cell A1. You will have to write in the chat "I have values ​​in rows 2 to 100 and I want to know the formula to calculate the average of all the numbers in cell A1." Artificial intelligence will do the rest, reconstructing the text as if it were an Excel sheet and giving you the formula you need, along with an explanation so you can learn and use it on other occasions. In addition, a button will appear in the formula to copy directly and paste it later into your spreadsheet.

Copying rows and columns

This third method that we present to you to create Excel formulas may not work for you in all cases, especially when the operations are complex, but it will be quite useful for us. useful for operations where there are few rows or columns involved and the formulas are common. It is a kind of mix between the two previous forms, with a sheet structure and an Excel formula.

formula excel table

In this case you will have to copy the rows and/or columns with which you want to operate and paste them in ChatGPT along with the operation you want to perform. That is, instead of describing the cells, we copy them directly so that the AI ​​can operate. For example, we have values ​​in the first three rows of the first two columns and we want to multiply rows by columns and express it in column C. We will copy and paste the cells and write in the chat "I want to multiply the rows by the columns and express it in column C." El ChatGPT will do the operation, explaining the formula and will allow you to directly copy the result so you can put it in your spreadsheet.

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