How to crop an image in a circle

How to crop an image in a circle

If you usually work with images on a professional level or simply because you like to personalize your photos or make your own memes or vignettes, it is possible that on some occasion you have considered the possibility of making creations in a circular format instead of resorting to the typical squares or rectangles. So let's explain to you how to crop a circle image.

There are different tools and tricks that will allow you to convert an image that has a rectangular or square shape into a circle, and make the content well centered.

Why can cropping an image in a circle be useful?

Why can cropping an image in a circle be useful?

Giving a photograph or an image a circular shape can be useful in multiple contexts, and has interesting advantages.

Aesthetics and design

Circular images are not common, so they immediately capture attention. They are more attractive and add an elegant and modern touch to the designs. In fact, if you think about it, There are very well-known brands that have resorted to the circular shape as part of their brand image.

If you work online, knowing how to crop an image into a circle will help you create good avatars and profile images, which usually appear circular by default.

Focus and highlighting of elements

A circle-shaped image can help focus attention on the main element of the photo, making other unimportant elements disappear.

It is also useful for highlight specific elements within a larger composition, making these stand out visually. We can put the complete photo and then highlight in a circular way that element on which we want to focus.

Fit and space

Circular images fit better in certain designs and layouts. They are very useful when space is small, because they occupy less than a rectangle.

Creativity and originality

Through the circles we can experiment by designing patterns and overlays, creating visual effects that are somewhat more complicated to achieve if we limit ourselves to rectangular shapes

By putting an image in a circle we can make it special and memorable, that stand out from the rest.

Where can we use circular images?

Where can we use circular images?

Almost anywhere, but they can be very useful in:

  • Social networks. To create profile photos.
  • Web design. To create graphic elements that help build the brand image.
  • Presentations. We can add them to text documents, Power point, etc.
  • Publications. They can help highlight certain images in posts where there are multiple photos.
  • Marketing materials. On business cards, brochures and all types of promotional materials.

How to crop an image in a circle with and without tools

How to crop an image in a circle with and without tools

To carry out this task you can use external tools or applications, but the truth is that you can also work directly with your mobile

How to Crop an Image in a Circle Using an Android or iOS Device

What we have to do is access the photo editor. The way to do this depends on the device you have and the version of the operating system you are using, but in most cases, just access the gallery and click on the photo that interests you. This will open the editing options.

In some cases we find by default the option to crop in the shape of a circle, but this not available in all cases, so you may have to look for another solution.

Can you crop images in a circle with Google Photos?

You already know that this tool allows you to store photos and also edit them at a fairly basic level. Although you can crop photos into squares, it is not possible to cut directly into a circle shape.

How to crop an image in a circle with external applications

The easiest thing is to go to external applications that do have the functionality of making circle cuts and then allow us to correctly center the image that we want to show within the circular shape.

  • Circle Cutter. This app is very easy to use and its purpose is exactly what its name indicates, cutting images in the shape of a circle. You just have to choose the photo you are interested in and click on “Crop now”, then you save the result and you can use it in all your projects.
  • Round photo. It allows you to turn a photo into a circle quickly and easily. In addition, it has some more customization options than the previous one, such as the fact that it allows us to change the size and color of the image border.
  • Round Photo – Round photo. It is one of the best-rated apps of this type, because it allows you to cut images in the shape of a circle, a heart, a rhombus, a cross..., and all with a very simple interface.

How to crop an image into a circle with Photoshop

Photoshop is the photo editing program par excellence, although in recent years apps and online platforms have appeared that are not too far behind in terms of functionality. In any case, if you have this program, You can use it to change the shape of photographs.

Choose the image you want to work with and click on the crop icon. Different options will then appear, among which you can see the circle-shaped cutout. Select, click on "Following" and save the result.

Crop images online with Canva

If you want to work online with your images, without having to install anything and with the guarantee that you will not lose quality, Canva is a good solution.

Upload the file and use the crop tool. Select the area you are interested in and optimize the result in the photo editor, then you just have to save it.

With Canva you can cut out in a circle shape, but you can also use frames that help you cut out into shapes like a heart, and even a letter shape. The only limit here is your imagination.

To get a circle-shaped cutout:

  • Upload the image.
  • Choose "Items".
  • Write "frames" in the search bar and choose the circular frame.
  • Drag the image into the frame and adjust it to fit that shape.
  • Save it and you have it ready to use.

Now that you know how to crop an image in a circle, we are sure that you will be encouraged to be much more creative when it comes time to edit your favorite snapshots. What tool are you going to use?

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