How to increase the volume of the computer

What is the appropriate volume for computer sound?

You do not know how to increase the volume on the computer? Adjusting the sound on our devices is not complicated. We are going to explain how to do it, so that you can enjoy the audio at the level you like. Of course, remember not to exceed the volume so as not to damage your ears or disturb others.

We will also see some tricks to improve the audio quality on your computer, in case you have noticed that both the volume and clarity of the sound are not good.

What is the appropriate volume for computer sound?

What is the appropriate volume for computer sound?

It depends on several factors, but here are some guidelines that will help you decide:

Volume level for daily use

If you are in a quiet and calm environment like an office, a volume at 30% or 40% is usually more than enough to be able to listen to content without disturbing others. In case you are in a noisy environment, then you may need to increase the volume to 50% or 60% to compensate for background noise.

Using headphones

If you use headphones, it is advisable to keep the volume below 60% of the maximum capacity to protect your hearing. You already know that listening to high volumes for an extended period of time can cause permanent hearing damage.

A good option is to follow the 60/60 rule, which implies not using headphones at more than 60% of the maximum volume and not wearing them for more than 60 minutes at a time without taking a break.

Type of activity

The activity you are carrying out also influences which volume is most appropriate:

  • Work and study. For these activities that require concentration, a moderate volume is ideal. Between 30% and 40% of the maximum volume is a good option to avoid distractions and listening fatigue.
  • View multimedia content. To watch videos or listen to music, you can adjust the sound according to your tastes, but try not to exceed 70% or 80% of the maximum volume to avoid damaging your ears.
  • Playing video games. Games usually have high volume peaks, so extreme caution must be taken. Adjust the sound so that the effects are not annoying.

Automatic volume adjustment

Some devices and applications have pre-configured equalizers and sound profiles, so that the volume comes out at a certain level.

Using this type of configuration will allows you to improve the listening experience without having to constantly adjust the volume manually.

How to increase the volume of the computer?

How to increase the volume of the computer?

It is not advisable to abuse the volume, but it is true that if it is at a level that is too low it also becomes an inconvenience. So that you can adjust the sound to the appropriate level at all times, you have to do the following:

Increase the volume on a Windows 11 PC

The task bar appears at the bottom of the screen, and on the right side of it you will see a speaker icon. If you click on it, the general volume bar opens, where you can make the adjustment by hand. Furthermore, if You click directly on the speaker icon, you silence the computer.

In the right corner of the general volume bar you will see an icon, if you click on it you can choose the sound output source. So, if you have headphones connected, you send the sound directly to them.

Another option is to right-click on the speaker icon, which gives you access to the “Open volume mixer”. By clicking on them you go to the system settings, from where you can configure the general volume and the individual volume of the applications you are using at that moment.

Advanced settings

If you want to go a step further when it comes to how to increase the volume on your computer, use the advanced settings by following this route:

  • Home > Control Panel.
  • Hardware and sound.
  • Sound.

This way you arrive at a window where the advanced speaker controls appear, in which there are several tabs to configure the sound to your liking.

Increase the volume on a Mac

On a Mac computer you can quickly increase or decrease the volume using the volume keys that appear on the keyboard. On your PC you may also be able to locate these keys on the keyboard.

Another alternative on Mac is to use the Control Strip. It is located on the right side of the Touch Bar, and from there you can make adjustments to both sound and brightness, and access more controls from there.

The easiest way is still to click on the speaker icon and move the volume regulator up or down.

How to improve sound quality and volume on your computer

How to improve sound quality and volume on your computer

If now that you know how to increase the volume on your computer you notice that this does not solve your sound problems either, apply these tricks to improve the audio quality:

Update audio drivers

It is possible that the drivers have become outdated. Check if the manufacturer of your sound card has released any version or patch that you do not have installed.

Use of specific software

There are programs that can significantly improve audio quality, because they allow you to make more adjustments. Some examples are Equalizer APO or Boom 3D. You can also use audio plugins and extensions to improve sound output in browsers and media players.

Hardware quality

Consider making an investment in some speakers or good quality headphones. These have better drivers and components, which improves audio quality and audio volume.

Another option is to purchase an external sound card, in case the one you have comes integrated into your equipment does not meet your expectations.

Physical and environmental configurations

Often, it is the environment or the location of the computer that negatively influences the sound. Make sure to place the speakers away from obstacles that could block sound output.

Adjust the volume in the operating system, playback software, and hardware itself to avoid distortions and achieve higher quality sound.

When it comes to how to increase the volume on your computer, you have already seen that the solution is simple. If you also want to improve the sound quality, also try the tricks we just told you.

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