How to know the IP of my router in Windows 10

Finding out the IP of the router is very easy

The meaning of the acronym IP is Internet Protocol, or internet protocol. This protocol has the function of establish communications between all devices who try to relate to each other on the internet. That is, we could compare it to a Post Office service. In other posts we teach you how to reset network settings in windows 10, in this article we will teach you how to know the IP of your router, something simpler.The IP address is like a person's DNI, that is, it is an identifier of our network. Specifically, is a code that will identify each user that is browsing any network, and it is the internet's way of knowing who is who, whether it is a domain or a computer. A device will not be able to communicate with anyone if it does not have one of these addresses. Therefore, we all have one and without it we would not be able to navigate, at least legally, on the Internet.

The purpose of an IP address is uniquely identify and locate each device on an internal or external network. It is a number that identifies an interface, which can be a computer, a smartphone or any other electronic device that connects to the Internet.

The IP address normally It is made up of four numerical blocks of up to three digits, called octets, which are separated by dots. The values ​​of each block can vary between 0 and 255 and be one, two or three digits. For example, an IP can be: or Any of these examples will help you identify your IP numbers.

Finding out the IP of the router is very simple

What is the IP of your router?

The key to knowing the address of your router is an element called subnet mask. As its name suggests, the gateway is the "door" through which we will leave "home" to the Internet. And it refers to your router, which is the physical element in your connection that does the work of communicating with the outside when you connect to the network.

Every router, like the rest of the devices, has an internal IP, and that IP can be important to configure the rest of the computers on the same network. Every time you are asked for the gateway you will have to give the IP of your router to tell the other computers where they have to go to connect to the Internet. You do not have to choose this address, as it is determined by your provider. If you have a problem with your network, it is possible that the computer or technical service will ask you to solve the problem.

This means that when you go to analyze the IP of your connection, if you want to know which is the specific one that refers to your router, you will have to look for the gateway. This is usually not difficult, as on both Windows and mobile operating systems it is a very easy address to obtain.

The gateway address has the structure of an IP, but it is not the IP with which you connect to the Internet, but an internal address with which the devices know how to connect to the router. For example, it is the address that you have to type to enter the configuration of your router, so it is usually a preset address.

The only thing you have to do to find out the IP of your router or gateway is by entering the Windows Command Prompt, and typing the ipconfig command inside the console. In the data that it returns, you will have your IP and other data, among which you have to look for where it says Default gateway to know the IP of your router.

Finding out the IP of the router is very easy

Next, within Networks and Internet you have to click on the Wi-Fi option. By doing so, you will enter the specific configuration of WiFi networks. Now, in the list of connections, connect to the WiFi whose router you want to find out the address of. Now, click on the gear icon of the WiFi to which you are connected to access its settings and all its information. When you do, you may only see a few pieces of data at first glance. If possible, click on the Advanced option to display even more options. In them, go down to the section of Network information, and you'll find your router's address in the Gateway field at the bottom.

So far, we have told you how to find out ip address from your smartphone, tablet or computer. As we have already mentioned, it will be of vital importance if you have a fault or want to make any changes to your network. If this is not the case, you will not need to know it except for major exceptions.

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