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Currently the email It is a practically essential tool for almost any area related to the Internet and any administrative management that we want to carry out. This is because it fulfills the function of the letters that were previously used, that is, it helps us to contact any entity, person or company immediately and in a more formal sense than the usual text messages. We use the mail when we subscribe to any page, we make purchases online and even when we carry out physical procedures to be able to notify us online. We can find emails of all kinds with more or less confidentiality, including on many occasions some that we do not want to receive as advertising called "spam«.

If you look at your mailbox, it is certain that you will find thousands of messages, most of which do not interest us either because they have already expired or because they are not relevant. Therefore, it is advisable to delete all those that do not interest us to free up space and be able to more easily find those that really matter to us. If by mistake you have deleted an email that was important and you want to recover it, in this article we will show you how you can do to correct this error in simple steps.

Recover deleted emails in Outlook

If your usual mail application is Outlook, here we will show you how you can recover all the emails that you have deleted by mistake. Well, fortunately, Outlook has tools for this type of situation that can be very useful. Below we will summarize the simple steps that you must follow depending on whether you deleted it temporarily or permanently.

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Restore emails in deleted folder

When you delete an email, item or folder from this application we can easily recover it by searching the left menu the option "Deleted elements«. Here will appear all the documents and folders that you have recently deleted, but that you have not permanently deleted. If we find the email that we have deleted by mistake here, we will only have to select it and click on «Restore«. Once this is done the mail or folder will return to the folder or place of origin where it was when we deleted it.

There are times when we think we have deleted an email but it is in the folder of unwanted mail. To recover it and that it appears again in our inbox we will have to go to the left menu and select the option “Spam”. When we find the file we want to restore we will have to select "Not spam". After this the mail will return to its initial origin.

Restore permanently deleted emails

If you want to recover an email that you deleted and later you deleted again In the deleted items folder there is also a solution to do it, although more complex than the previous way. This is only possible when the mail, despite being permanently deleted, remains on the server. That is to say, it has to be recent to the date it was removed.

To restore these emails we will have to select in the left menu the option “Deleted Items” as in the previous case. However, since we have deleted it, it will not be here, so we will have to search to appear in the top menu the possibility of recover deleted items from that folder. Once we click here the files that we can restore will appear. If it's not here, we definitely won't be able to retrieve the mail again.

Recover permanently deleted emails

How to prevent Outlook from automatically deleting the deleted folder

One of the methods that we can use to prevent our emails from being permanently deleted is cchange the time it takes for these emails to be automatically deleted. For this we will have to access the Account settings and, once here, access the tab Post. We will find the option «Leave a copy of the messages on the server" Y we will select the time that interests us so that Outlook makes backup copies and we do not lose our emails during the established period. Once the set time has elapsed, our emails will be automatically deleted from the deleted folder and we will not be able to recover them.

Recover deleted emails in Gmail

Now that we know how we can recover the emails that we have deleted from our Outlook inbox, we will talk about how you can solve this problem in Google's star messaging application: gmail. As in the previous case, Google also includes tools to easily solve these situations and that you can recover any mail that you have deleted by mistake.


Restore temporarily deleted emails

When we delete any mail, item or folder in Gmail we the undo option will appear instantly, so if we have made a mistake and we are attentive, we can click directly on that option and we will instantly recover the deleted mail. On the contrary, if we have not realized the error at that moment, this application also has a trash folder where I know temporarily save these deleted messages up to a maximum time of 30 days.

If this is your case, to recover a deleted email you will only have to open the trash can in the left menu dropdown and here you will find all the deleted emails that you can recover. If we do right click on the message in question, the option to “Move to Received» to return the mail to the source folder and is not deleted automatically.

Restore permanently deleted emails

Another situation that can happen to us is that we want to recover an email that we have permanently deleted, either because we have deleted it a long time ago and Google has emptied the trash automatically, or because we have deleted it ourselves from the trash by mistake.

In this case it is more difficult to recover the emails, but you can do it for 25 days after Google has emptied the trash through the «Google Admin Console«. This task is somewhat complex since it is necessary to confirm several steps to verify your account, but here you will find clear instructions to do so.

As a last resort we can also recover these messages in the "Sent" folder as long as it was an email that you sent yourself, and this has been answered by the other party, since all messages are saved in this folder unless you manually delete them in that folder. You will only have to look for the subject of the message in this folder and you will be able to access it whenever you want.

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