How to remove notifications in Windows 10


In Windows, notifications can be a very useful element for our work and for the daily use of our computer. However, a bad or incorrect configuration can lead us to the situation that ends up being inadequate to our needs and that we end up ignoring them or simply considering them more of a nuisance than a help. When we get to this point, it might be interesting remove notifications in windows 10

In this post we are going to see what exactly notifications are, how they can be configured to be useful and how we can eliminate them in case we think that they are not going to be of much use to us.

In the Windows 10 action center, there is a notification panel that appears in a column on the right side of the screen. To open it, you have to click on the icon in the corner, at the end of the taskbar. In the window that opens, above, there is a text that reads "Manage notifications", on which we must click. Then a box like the following will appear:


There we find information about the notifications of all the applications installed on our computer, both those that have been downloaded from the Microsoft Store and those of the compatible programs that you have downloaded from other websites.

Windows can show us two different types of notifications that can appear as floating notifications, which can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen, or simply loaded in the notification panel, without attracting our attention while we are doing other tasks or bothering us. The two types are as follows:

  • Informative notifications, which only transmit a message with the name of the application that generated it.
  • Interactive notifications, to which we can respond or act without having to access the Notifications Panel.

Disable notifications

Many users consider that these notifications are dispensable or, at least, not important enough to interrupt our work or leisure sessions with annoying pop-up windows and alert sounds. If you are of the same opinion, you will find the following information very useful about how to silence or remove notifications in Windows 10.

To execute these actions, go to the configuration screen following the steps explained above:

  1. Let Configuring Windows.
  2. In the menu on the left, we select the option "Notifications and Actions". 
  3. The next screen will show us all the options, on which we can act in a general way or on each of the applications individually.

At the top of the screen there is a button through which we can act on all notifications, sliding it to the left (off) or to the right (on). The following options can also be checked or not:

  • Show notifications on the lock screen.
  • Show notifications and calls VoIP on the lock screen.
  • Allow sounds.
  • Show the Windows welcome experience at computer startup.
  • Receive configuration suggestions.
  • Receive tips, tricks and other recommendations.

Below we find the list of applications. As there are usually many, we can sort them by name to find the one we are looking for.

Next to each of them is shown the corresponding button to activate or deactivate, as shown in the following image. By default, these notifications are always on:

windows 10 notifications

Edit notifications

Sometimes it is not necessary to remove notifications from Windows 10 so that they are not annoying or invasive. It may be enough to edit them. To do so, we will follow the previous steps and in the list of applications, we will click directly on each one of them to customize notifications.

To illustrate all the possibilities that this option offers us, we will choose an application at random (in this case, the one from Discord) and we will see how it can be edited. When you click on it, this is what appears on the screen:

customize notifications

In addition to the main button to activate or deactivate all notifications for this application, the first two individually editable options are the following:

  • Show notification banners, the ones that appear in the corner of the screen with the notification message.
  • Show notifications in action center.

Choosing one or the other option allows us to decide if we want the notification to be more or less discreet: notify us with a banner or that it is simply registered in the panel, so that it appears when we make the query. A little further down there is a drop-down tab with which we can determine the number of notifications visible in the panel: 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20.

We also find on this screen the options to hide notifications on the lock screen or silence the notification sound.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen we see three options related to the notification priority in action center in windows: at the top (priority notifications), at the top (high priority) or in the normal zone (normal priority)

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