How to remove the login password in Windows

windows start password

Windows 10 users are required to enter an access password for the operating system to start up on our computers. This form of access is very practical when it comes to a computer whose use we share with other people. On the other hand, if we are the only ones who use it, this loses a lot of sense. If that is your case, you will be interested to know how to remove login password in windows.

But before making the decision, we must consider that we are talking about a security issue. A good password helps us protect our account and the information we keep on our computer. Without a password, anyone who breaks into our laptop could also access services in which is the password saved by default (email accounts, social networks, etc.).

It is also necessary to consider whether or not to delete this password on a laptop. Let's put ourselves in the case that it is stolen: if we have removed the password, the thief will have free access to all its content. And that is a situation that is not at all desirable.

Windows Startup Password: Pros and Cons

In principle, having access protected by a password is positive, but there are some specific aspects and circumstances that can convince us that it is better to do without it. As always, we must put all the elements in the balance to know what is best for us:

  • In favor: It provides us with a plus of protection for our computer, since it will only be accessible to the person or persons who know the password. Obviously, this is applicable as long as we have a strong password and difficult to decrypt.
  • Against: Windows startup is slower, since we have to go through the previous step of unlocking the screen by entering the password.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to decide if we want to remove the Windows login password or not. Everyone knows what their needs and preferences are. We limit ourselves to presenting the different ways to do it What we have at our disposal:

Three ways to remove the startup password in Windows

To remove the Windows startup password we have several methods: from user account control, from the Settings menu or from Computer Management. In addition, we always have the possibility of resorting to external programs, although the methods that we explain here are more than enough. It is about knowing all the possible solutions and choosing the one that best suits what we want to do.

From the user account

change password user accounts

This is the first method, and probably the easiest of all. From the user account configuration itself we will have the possibility of activating or deactivating the option of writing the name and password to be able to access the computer. These are the steps to follow:

  1. First of all, we use the key combination Windows + R.
  2. In the search box, we type netplwiz and click on OK, after which the window of User account.
  3. There we have to uncheck the box «Users must enter their name and password to use the equipment" and then click "OK".

With this simple operation, we will make the password screen stop appearing when we log in to our computer.

From the Settings menu

password options start

The good thing about this method is that we can use it both to remove the startup password in Windows and to put it back. For enter the Settings menu There are two ways: by pressing the Windows icon in the lower left corner and clicking on the cogwheel, or by using the Windows + i key combination. Once inside, these are the steps to follow:

  1. To begin, we go to the section "Accounts".
  2. There we select "Login Options", which is displayed with a key icon.
  3. then we do scroll until you find the section "Password", that we can modify through the button "Change".
  4. Windows then sends us a confirmation email to our email associated with the Microsoft account. A 7 digit code.
  5. Finally, after entering the confirmation code, a new screen will appear in which we will have to write the current password and the one we want to define as new. Then we press "To accept".

(*) At this point we are asked for the Windows access PIN and the login password for our Microsoft account.

From Team Management

admin teams

A third way to remove the Windows logon password is to open the Control panel and use the Computer Management tool. This is how you do it:

  1. We use the key combination Windows + X
  2. In the window that is displayed, we select the option "Team management".
  3. There we will "System tools" and we select «Users», to display a list of team users.
  4. Next, we select the user whose access password we want to remove with the right mouse button. To do this, we leave the option blank "Set password".

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