Get to know TV Online to watch hundreds of channels for free

tv online to watch hundreds of channels for free

Television is the medium that has been dominating mass communications for more than 50 years. However, the Internet has not necessarily come to replace it, but to enhance it and expand its reach. As we know, enjoying television content implies having a television and if we want to have channels from all over the world, we will have to pay for a cable service. This is something that right now is not mandatory, thanks to the Digital Terrestrial Television or Open Digital Television projects, as it is known in some countries. In that sense, we want to talk about a site called TV Online to watch hundreds of channels for free.

If you like television, you cannot miss out on this service with which you will have access to a huge schedule of programming from various parts of the world. Best of all, you won't need to have a television to enjoy the different transmissions available.

What is Digital Terrestrial Television or DTT?

Previously, the television signal was transmitted analogically, something that was generating limitations in the face of the new needs of the world. This is how Digital Terrestrial Television made its way, making available benefits such as a much more efficient transmission, with significant improvements in the quality of audio and video. In this way, we can define DTT as the transmission of audio and video through binary coding, through terrestrial transmitters.. This means that DTT occupies a signal delivery mechanism that is different from analog television, based on transmissions over the air or through coaxial cables, by radio frequency.

Another of the great advantages of DTT is that the space previously occupied by a television signal is now occupied by multiple signals.. This allows greater use of the transmission channel, both to enhance the quality of the image and audio and to expand the number of signals that are sent.

TV Online or how to use your PC to watch hundreds of channels for free

Online TV main screen

Binary coding is the language in which the signals used by Digital Terrestrial Television are found. This is what has made it possible for signals to also be sent over the internet and be received and displayed from a web browser. In this sense, the service called TV Online with which we can use our PC to watch hundreds of free channels is a product of this feature. TV Online is a website that concentrates access to various television channels that have access from the Internet.

In this way, if you do not have a television, you will not have to buy immediately to enjoy your favorite program, because you will be able to watch it from this site. It should be noted that many of the signals are only available for free within Spain. This means that, if you are outside Spanish territory, you will need to have a VPN to be able to open the channels.

How to watch channels on TV Online?

Online TV channels

TV Online is a service that, in general, is characterized by being very easy to use. The interface of the page is quite basic and friendly, so that, when you enter, you will receive a bar at the top with access to the available channels. However, if you scroll down, you will find all the channels organized by sections, according to the type of programming they have. The present categories are:

  • General DTT.
  • News.
  • Sports.
  • Regional TV.
  • childish

All these sections add up to a total of about 80 channels, however, there are also different transmissions of each one, with which there are more than a hundred.

To watch a channel from TV Online, you just have to go to it and click on it. Remember that you can do it from the top bar where the categories are in the form of a drop-down menu or by going down the page to see them in large icons.

This will take you to a new page where you will have a description of the channel in question. Scroll down and depending on the channel, you will find a couple of scenarios. In some, the site shows instructions to enter.

Open channel on TV Online

Meanwhile, in others, a player will appear that will display a pop-up window when clicked, where the channel's transmission will be shown. It should be noted that all this is completely free and that you will only need to pay if you want to access the alternative signal of the channels. On the other hand, it should be noted that the site does not request to go through registration processes to enter the channels. This is important to mention, so that you do not add any type of personal information if it is requested.

TV Online is a great service to watch hundreds of channels for free, in good quality and from the comfort of your computer. If you are a TV fan and don't want to miss your favorite show, feel free to try it right away.

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