How to remove a digital certificate from Google Chrome

chrome digital certificate

It is very practical to install digital certificates on our computer to carry out the most diverse procedures with public administrations and other organizations. However, in many situations it is important to remove them, especially for security reasons. In this post we are going to see how to remove a digital certificate from Google Chrome quickly and easily.

It may seem like a minor issue. The certificate is there. If used, good. If it is not used, nothing happens. But in reality it does happen, or it can happen. After all, a digital certificate is something like a key to our identity.

Although everyone already knows what a digital certificate is, it doesn't hurt to remember what its function is and why it is so important. These are tools through which we confirm our identity to access a procedure or service.

digital certificate
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Thus, a digital certificate can be defined as an electronic document that demonstrates the identity of a person, entity or organization. An example is the FNMT digital certificate in Spain, which allows its user to carry out administrative procedures of all kinds from their computer, with total comfort and security. Its use is increasingly common, and it will be even more so due to the generalization of the home working and the unstoppable development of telematic media.

The identifying data contained in these certificates have been previously authenticated by an official body. It is the essential requirement to be able to execute the electronic signature of documents.

When is it convenient to delete a digital certificate installed on our computer?

how to sign a PDF with digital certificate

It may seem strange to be interested in getting rid of a tool as practical and safe as this, but in reality there are many cases in which performing this action is convenient. Even necessary. Here are some examples:

  • The digital certificate that we had installed has already expired and, therefore, it is of no use to us.
  • We've bought a new computer and we need to install the certificate in it. To do this, you must first remove it from the old computer.
  • The certificate had been installed on another PC in a timely manner for a specific use and now we no longer need it.
  • When using it, the certificate gives errors, so you have to delete it to install it again from scratch.

En this post We explain what needs to be done to view the digital certificates installed on a specific computer. This way we can review which ones we have and which certificate(s) we want to get rid of.

Uninstalling is not the same as disabling

Whatever the reason we want to do it, there is some things to keep in mind before starting the process of removing a digital certificate from Google Chrome. The first thing is that This is a simple uninstallation of the document on the computer, not its definitive deletion. This means that we can reinstall it and use it on the same computer or another.

That is, uninstallation should not be confused with disabling the certificate, something that we will only be able to achieve by revoking it. In other words: cancel its validity before the expiration date stated on it. This revocation can be requested at any time before the administration responsible for issuing the certificate.

The procedure to follow in this case varies depending on the certificate issuing authority. To know what to do, the safest thing to do is to consult the website of the corresponding certifying entity, where all the information related to this type of procedures usually appears.

Remove a digital certificate from Google Chrome step by step

chrome remove digital certificate

Before starting the process of removing the digital certificate from your PC, it is advisable export a backup copy of the Digital Certificate. This guarantees we have a backup in case we change our mind or an error arises during the process. The copy will allow us to import the certificate again, if necessary, in a matter of minutes.

With this point clarified, these are the steps to follow to delete any digital certificate in Chrome:

  1. First, we access the menu «Customize and control Google Chrome» which is located at the end of the address bar.
  2. Then we click on "Setting".
  3. Next, we select "Advanced configuration" to be able to view the rest of the options.
  4. Let "Privacy & Security" and, within the following menu, we select «Manage certificates».
  5. Now you have to click on the tab "Personal" to view the electronic certificate that we want to delete.
  6. Finally, once selected, click on "Remove" and, when asked "Do you want to delete the certificates?" We confirm the action by clicking "Yes"

As we said before, this is not a definitive action. We will always be able to install the digital certificate after having removed it following the installation method which we have already seen in other posts on this same blog.

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