How to remove Windows 11 startup password

change password winodws 11

One of the many new features that Windows 11 brought at the time compared to the previous version of the Microsoft operating system is that the need to log in to access it. This means that you have to enter a password to start it. Now that time has passed, you might be interested in knowing How to remove that Windows 11 startup password.

Because, although it is true that during the first installation there was no choice but to set a startup password for setup, that's something you can do without later. That is precisely what we are going to explain in the following paragraphs.

There are several ways to remove the Windows 11 startup password so you can access the operating system and all its functions more quickly and directly. In principle, this is an advantage that interests us: it is more convenient and saves us time. But before explaining them one by one, we invite you to reflect on whether you really want to do so.

The question we must ask ourselves is this: Is it really convenient to remove the Windows 11 startup password? Does it have any trade-offs that we should know about before proceeding to take the step?

The existence of the password has a reason: to protect our computer. This system assures us protect the privacy of user and browsing data. Although it is unlikely, it would not be pleasant if anyone could access the contents of the PC to search our files and steal information from us. The password is a good filter to prevent this.

For this reason, by dispensing with the password, we will be leaving our equipment unprotected. But if you still want to take the step, we show you the methods to do it:

Through a local account

login windows 11

As we have already mentioned, at the time of the first start with Windows 11, the system requires that a Microsoft account be entered through which to access the interface and its functions. Using a local account we will be able to delete the password following these simple steps:

  1. First, go to the menu Configuration of the operating system.
  2. Then we go to the section Accounts.
  3. From there we access the section "Login Options". It is at this point where we are going to find an option that specifically indicates that we can remove Windows 11 password. We just have to select it.*
  4. Then we click on "Change" and thus start the Windows assistant.
  5. The next step is to enter the startup password used in the first configuration and then fill in the fields of our local account. Only The “Password” section is left empty.

And that's it. In this simple way we will have managed to delete our Microsoft account on the selected PC, to access it from a local type account, without the need for a password.

(*) When you proceed with this action, the following warning message will be displayed on the screen: "Everything is configured", which means that the account is protected by a password.

Using a Microsoft account

remove password windows 11

The Microsoft account that we have configured at the beginning of the process can also be used to carry out our purpose of removing the login password. This can be done relatively easily, although it is important to know that Our account will automatically become local. These are the steps we must follow:

  1. As in the previous case, first we go to the Configuration of the operating system.
  2. Then we go to the section Accounts.
  3. There we select the section "Your information". In the list that is displayed, we search and select the option «Microsoft account».
  4. Within that option, we click on "Sign in with a local account."
  5. The windows assistant on a blue background (don't be alarmed: this has nothing to do with the dreaded blue screen of death). We just have to follow the steps indicated by the wizard until the end.
  6. In conclusion, we enter the password configured in our account at the beginning for the unlink to be executed. We fill in all the fields, leaving the one that corresponds to the password empty, and click "Sign off".

Using Windows Hello

windows hello

The third and final method to remove the startup password in Windows 11 is to use the tool Windows Hello, which differs from the previous two by being safer. The only drawback is that not all PCs are compatible with this function. Only those who use biometric sensors to unlock access to the computer. If that is our case, we must do this:

  1. Again we enter the Configuration of Windows.
  2. Then we jump to the section Accounts.
  3. Once there, we select "Login Options".
  4. In the results, two possible unlocking methods appear through Windows Hello:
    1. Facial recognition.
    2. Fingerprint recognition.
  5. We choose the one we want to configure on our equipment and, simply with that, we are done. we will have replaced the old password system with this new identification and unlocking system. Very easy.

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