It does not work! How to reset touchpad and fix errors in Windows 11

touchpad does not work

El Touch panel (touchpad) of a laptop is a very practical instrument. As long as it works correctly, of course. Sometimes we encounter difficulties when using it: the cursor does not move as fluidly as it should, the click gets stuck, the zoom does not respond... What to do when touchpad it does not work?

No matter how good and powerful our laptop is, when the touch panel starts to have problems the user experience is very negative. After all, the touchpad It is our main point of interaction with the computer, unless we have chosen to connect a mouse.

It is true that some manufacturers include better touch panels in their devices than others. It is also true that in most cases the malfunction is caused by an accumulation of dirt, although other times it is due to software errors. If you find yourself in the irritating situation of having to deal with a touchpad that does not work well, here we present you some solutions which can be of great help.

Use only one finger

finger touchpad

Yes, it sounds like a joke, but it is the first solution we should try. There are many times when we think that the touch panel is not working, but what is really happening is that we are not using it well. A simple change in the way you rest your hand on the laptop could help improve your responsiveness.

Most models use some type of detection whose objective is to distinguish between the index finger and the thumb. However, this feature works better on some laptops than others. The trick is in try using it with only one finger at a time. Something as simple as it is effective. If this does not solve the problem, we will move on to explore other solutions.

Clean the touchpad surface well

clean touchpad

Just as we dedicate time and attention to clean the keyboard, we must do the same with the touch panel. With daily use, a quantity of dirt accumulates on this surface. invisible grease and dirt. This layer that forms over time can end up affecting the sensitivity of the touch panel, causing response problems.

How to clean a touchpad? Very easy. All we have to do is use a soft cloth, moisten it with a little water (and also a few drops of alcohol) and gently wipe it over the surface. You have to pay special attention around the buttons.

Adjust the correct settings

Touch panel

Our laptop drivers allow us adjust some settings related to the touch panel, so that we can personalize the responses to our movements. This is how these configurations can be accessed from the last two versions of the Microsoft operating system:

  • Windows 10: Settings > Devices > Touchpad.
  • Windows 11: Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Touchpad.

Within this menu it is possible to choose between four different sensitivity levels (low, medium, high and maximum). We will also be able to activate or deactivate a series of options: Press with one finger to click, press with two fingers to right-click, bring the fingers closer to zoom, etc. It is very likely that by making a few changes we will completely recover the proper functioning of the touch panel.

Update drivers

Updates to drivers They are essential for the proper functioning of the different components of our devices. Fortunately, update drivers It is a fairly simple action.

A very simple way to do this is to go to the manufacturer's website, access the user support page and enter the model number of our laptop there. Then just download the latest driver manually and install it.

Detect hardware problems

If the software adjustments do not take effect and we still have the problem that the touchpad does not work, there is no choice but to look for the source of the failure in the hardware itself. Not everyone is bold enough to dare to open the computer with a screwdriver. What's more: if we don't know what we are doing, it is better not to touch anything.

It is best to take the laptop to a repair shop or request help from the department of manufacturer technical assistance, especially if our laptop is still under warranty. If not, the cost of repair may be so high that it may be worth considering purchasing a new laptop.

The last resort: use a mouse


It is not ideal, but it is a reality that we cannot ignore: certain brands and models of laptops have poor quality touchpads, prone to breaking down at the slightest. With them, getting rid of problems is an impossible mission.

Luckily, if the touchpad doesn't work, we always have a way out: go back to the mouse of a lifetime. Wired or, preferably, wireless. With them we will be able to forget about the problems associated with using the touch panel. At least in the case of having to use the computer, sitting at a desk.

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