How to activate the Windows 11 voice recorder

voice recorder windows 11

It is one of the least known and least used native applications of the Microsoft operating system. Although the truth is that it works really well and is very practical for certain uses. In this article we are going to explain how to activate Windows 11 voice recorder.

Many users download and install external applications to have the recording function. Although many of them do it because they are looking for something more specific, with more instruments and perhaps a higher degree of precision, it is true that others do it out of pure ignorance. The truth is that this app has very interesting features. For example, supports numerous audio formats and different quality levels.

Surely it is something that goes without saying, but we will remember that to use this recorder we are going to need have at least one microphone, which must be correctly connected to the PC.

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How to access Windows 11 voice recorder?

This application is not usually visible, although it is very easy to find. All we have to do is go to the windows 11 search bar, write there "Sound recorder" and select the program in the result that appears. As simple as that.

Before starting to use the Windows 11 voice recorder, it is necessary select the microphone we want to use, in the event that we have more than one connected. To do this, you have to click at the bottom left of the screen and select the one you want to serve. Then you have to answer "yes" to the question that will appear on the screen: "Do you want Windows Voice Recorder to use this microphone?"

Once this is done, we can start recording audios through this practical function.

How does Windows 11 voice recorder work?

windows voice recorder

After having configured and activated the application in the way we explained in the previous section, we can now start using the recorder. The way to handle this function is very simple:

  • At start recording, you just have to click on the Red button or press the Ctrl+R keys.
  • At stop recording you can use the button "Stop recording" or use the Esc key

The recordings that we make will be saved, visible in the sidebar on the left. To access each of the audio files you have to right click on them and choose the "Show in folder" option. This is a good method if what we want to do is edit the file using another program.

By default, all the voice recordings that we make with this tool will be saved on our PC in AAC format. If what we want is to change it to another format, what we must do is open the options menu (by clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the app) and then select "Settings." There, in the Recording Format option, we will find the different available formats that we can change to: FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA… We just have to choose the one we want.

Furthermore, in this same option we will be able to choose the audio quality we want.

Alternatives to Windows 11 Voice Recorder

The options that this application offers us are quite complete. And its use, really simple. Everything most of us could need. Despite this, there are users who are looking for a somewhat more elaborate and professional tool. In that case, it is possible to choose other more complex recording applications, which they must download and install on their computers. These are some of the best:



This open source audio recorder is a powerful audio editing software which can be accessed completely free of charge. Audacity It is a widely used and highly valued tool by musicians, journalists and, in general, all types of professionals who regularly work with audio tracks.

Among other things, Audacity gives us the ability to record our own voice or any other sound. The audio quality is excellent. Apart from that, it is also possible to carry out a complete editing job using its extensive panoply of instruments and effects.

Download link: Audacity

OBS Studio


OBS Studio It is an open source program, completely free. Is the preferred option for streamers, not only because of the high sound quality of the recordings, but also because of the number of options it offers its users. Of course, it must be said that it is not exactly an easy tool to use.

Download link: OBS Studio


voice mod

Finally, an option somewhat different from the others: voicemod. Yes, this is a tool that we can use to make voice recordings through a computer, but above all it is an instrument that will allow us completely change the sound of our own voice.

There are many users, both professionals and amateurs, who use Voicemod resources to perform imitations, transform voices and other actions with which to give a touch of humor or originality to your audios.

Download link: voicemod

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