Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10

Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10

What are the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10? We have already talked about changes and news that we can see with the arrival on the market of the official and final version of Windows 10, but today we want to do a comparison between this latest version of Microsoft's operating system and the one applauded by almost all Windows 7. LBecause of having chosen this version and not Windows 8, which is currently the one that is most present on the market, it has been due to the fact that Microsoft itself has confessed that the new Windows will largely resemble this version.

The exact words of the Redmond were exactly that they would take the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 (they will hardly be able to take anything) to develop the new Windows 10 that at the moment does not have an exact date for its arrival on the market, but that you can already try thanks to the existing trial versions and which we have already explained to you how to install on this same website in the safest and easiest way.

Windows 7 has undoubtedly been one of the most used Microsoft operating systems and one that has obtained a greater number of good opinions from users. Along with Windows XP they are two of the best software that we could install on any computer. However, in this world surrounded by technology, it is difficult to stay anchored in the past and that is why we must take a step forward, that step is called Windows 10.

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If we put Windows 7 and Windows 10 face to face, there would be more similarities that we would see than the differences, although of course, adapted to the new times in terms of design and with some improvements that will possibly make it the best and most powerful operating system on the market.

The new Windows 10 will have a new and renewed design, which will range from the login screen to the icons that will now have a format that many have insisted on baptizing as flat. It is not that the design of Windows 7 was ugly, but it was continuous and with Windows 10 Microsoft intends to break with everything we had seen now, although without forgetting the essence of this software.

Windows 10

At the moment we have already been able to see the new design of the icons, some screens that have been completely redesigned, but I am sure that Microsoft has still prepared many new features, which we have not been able to see in the trial versions, and that we will not see until the final version reaches the market. Our recommendation is that you enjoy the design that Windows 10 has right now, although it is important that you ensure the introduction of many more news and changes in the very near future.

The return of the Start menu

Windows 10

The Start menu last seen in Windows 7 is back, though unfortunately with an addition such as tiles, which in Windows 8 were the main screen of the operating system and that now they have been relegated to being part of the start menu (hopefully and at least in my opinion they will disappear forever soon).

Continuing with the differences in Windows 10, we are going to miss one of the most classic programs that came natively installed in previous versions of Windows. We are talking about Internet Explorer, which over time had become a somewhat outdated web browser and was very far (or so we think) from other programs of this type such as Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox who have known how to progress and improve over the years.

Java Logo
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The veteran Explorer will be replaced by Spartan, a new fully designed web browser that, according to Microsoft, it seems will delight all Windows 10 users. It will also have integration with Cortana, the Redmond voice assistant, which will surely help us very much.

The power of Cortana

Voice assistant

Precisely Cortana is another one of those big differences between the old Windows 7 and the new Windows 10. From now on this voice assistant will always be aware of our requests and queries, and although at the moment we are not very clear how it will work, we do know that it will be the first assistant of this type to reach the market with an operating system for computers.

Windows 7 was a nice, simple operating system that did not present any difficulties. Windows 10 will be all that, but it will also have new functions incorporated such as multiple desktops, which were something in high demand by all users, a notification center, making us put an end to that horrible notification area next to the clock and a new control panel that will be very reminiscent of the most popular versions of Windows.

It is not confirmed, but practically all users, let's hope the new Windows 10 differs, not only from Windows 7, but from all its brothers, in that it is not a system with a high number of errors and failures. I don't think it is necessary to remember the huge headaches that almost all of us have given the dreaded blue screens, and hopefully they have already gone down in history. For all that Microsoft has said and confirmed, it is easy to think that the new Windows will be much more stable, secure and easy to use than other versions of the operating system.

Windows 10 will be free

Windows 10

The last big change that we could see lies in the final price at which we can buy the new Microsoft software. At the moment It is not confirmed information, but everything indicates that Windows 10 will be free, as are many other operating systems on the market, for all those users of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and also for those who still use Windows 7. Of course we are talking about free as long as you have an original version of the operating system. It is to be imagined that they will not offer to install Windows 10 for free to all those who have a pirated version.

We all expect a lot from the new Windows 10, and from what we have been able to test thanks to the trial versions there is no doubt that we will be facing a very powerful and very changed operating system, which will not lose the essence of the old Windows, and that on everything will be based on all that people liked, that is, Windows 7 and the little good that Windows 8 had.

Is Windows 7 or Windows 10 better?

The answer to this question depends more on our needs and adaptability than anything else.

Windows 10 has many new features but it also has official Microsoft support, which is very important in order to solve security problems that may appear and receive periodic updates.

Windows 7 is very old and unsupported from Microsoft, therefore, before any security problem that appears from now on we will be unprotected. For this reason alone, making the leap to Windows 10 is already a good compelling reason.

If, on the other hand, our computer is a HTPC that is not connected to the Internet, we can continue with Windows 7 quietly. The final decision is up to you.

Which Of the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 Is it the one that catches your attention the most?

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  1.   momfus said

    Calling "software" instead of "Operating System" and above does not mention anything about performance, not to mention that they only mention the visual as if it were a superficial schoolgirl choosing a boyfriend. Very bad article.

  2.   maurici0 said

    make one your best then, penca!

  3.   Christian Periale M said

    Sorry Mauricio, but Momfus, is he right, would you buy a car just for the bodywork? Without knowing anything about the engine, brakes and other technical characteristics?

    I am flat with Microsoft, which seems that they do not know their users (that just the great success of their commercial success has been the massiveness or not just a small group of illuminated computers, where there are many users, of the third age and with little knowledge of computing), that all these people not very computationally skilled, took months to learn to use an operating system, so that in less than a year, they change what cost them so much to learn, taking another OS where in the end the only thing that They do is change position and change the names of the same thing we always use and add leseras that only idle goats and fanatical computines like.

  4.   Christian Periale M said

    also, very little objective who wrote this article, pure benefits… .mmmm
    At least you should warn that it is a very bad idea to change immediately, but to wait a few months, first to know the experience of other users and second to give software and driver producers time to update.

  5.   Well go said

    «… They would take the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 (they will hardly be able to take anything)»

    And there I stopped reading.

    What a mania with ranting against Windows 8.

    Windows 8 is much more fluid for me on a computer that previously had Windows 7.

  6.   jose said

    Windows 7 the best

    1.    Jose Sala said

      XP is the best.
      It has more performance in games and in other programs than if you put them in 7 they give you a blue screen xD

      1.    magnifying glass said

        I agree with you, but it is no longer safe, and soon it will no longer be stable ...

  7.   George said

    The win8 runs smoothly the win8.1 is a slow garbage pta, win7 very good

  8.   Nao said

    w8 has something better than the W7 .. ?? for me never. I think you can get more out of XP than w8, XP for its graphic performance, its simplicity and fluidity that it has with low-resource PCs. to W8 what happened to Vista, it did not work. I fully hope that the W10 is practical, otherwise I will continue with the one that is the best OS for me. W7 .. ahh the only highlight of the W8 is that it is designed for touch pcs .. it is the only obvious change for me, considering it is necessary to invest in an expensive screen pc. 😀

  9.   RobotinYPepito said

    You have no idea Nao

  10.   Alejandro said

    Well, I do thank the countryman very much. I'm going to give Win10 a try. I just switched to Win7 after having to abandon XP, having intentionally avoided Vista (when I bought the computer) and Win8 thanks to articles like this.
    I take this opportunity to mention that I see several here who want a destructive criticism. A good review (as if it were for a book or a movie) should describe the product, highlight its good part and point out to whom it can be recommended (omissions will tell the good connoisseur what is wrong) ... or else abide by the canons of Bécquer, answer the questions: what did they want to do, did they achieve it, was it worth doing. I recognize that a performance comparison was critical.
    Finally, the change in these matters is like when they change the traffic regulations (yesterday they took a new one for the place where I live) you can try to ignore it, you can get angry or you can learn it and adapt ... and they may even realize its stupidity and get another one.

  11.   adolfo said


    1.    pepper said


  12.   patrician said

    they speak pure nonsense

  13.   sonia said

    I installed windows10 2 weeks ago and the truth is very fast and this very good I like it more than windows 7

  14.   Alberto said

    I stick with WINDOWS 7 on my Intel Quad Q9550 and my 4GB DRR2. With an SSD the system and apps fly and it does not consume as many resources as with windows 10. Also with the latter I had compatibility problems with my asus geforce gt 640, which caused me blue screens (UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION) due to problems with a default file system extension * .dll.

  15.   Enrique Tasu said

    windows has the damn habit of not evaluating professionals who use heavy programs such as orcad, circuitcam or proteus, I have the bitter experience years ago when in a team of 7 computers in the change from millennium to xp (the latter very good) all the programs stopped working and the company stopped, so what I would like to know is if there are radical changes in the operating system such as the cancellation of questions to the core or others that may affect the operation of the heavy. Thank you

  16.   Windows said

    Personally, I think Microsoft has succeeded with Windows 10, it is as easy to use as Windows 7, but faster and more efficient, we hope they continue like this.

  17.   gun said

    they are all a shit

  18.   Leonardo said

    The best of all is the XP, try for example counter 1.6 with 256 mb of ram and it is running smoothly .. Test in vista and you will need 512mb… in win 7 you need 1gb in win 8 you need 2gb in win 10 you need 4gb of ram .. and 6 to make it work well, the only thing they do is make each windows heavier… they invest in making hardware that optimizes software as before…. Win 7 perfected the VIsta interface and both improved the Xp explorer to make it the simple and easy-to-use one that is WIn 7, which makes searching much faster, etc.
    And win 10 and 8 does not bring anything new ... (only updated drivers etc, but if they had given .. support to the best system which is WIN 7 could have included all that in the installers and now)
    Win 10 as always, is not invulnerable to viruses, it is slower, uses more ram, uses the processor and disk at 100% all the time, program compatibility failures, game slowdowns, annoying and unnecessary interface that looks like WINDOWS PHONE ... with so much advertising from Microsoft ... A browser almost unchanged but with more useless functions, connectivity errors
    It is much easier to create a network with WIN XP or 7, than with WIn10. Simple to connect the router, or usb, or any method, and create home group etc.
    Win 10 does not bring anything good. And its rectangular interface is rubbish, AERO is much better and futuristic.