Windows Phone market share drops 1%


It was expected. Microsoft's mobile phone division is being badly managed Or it just seems that the guys from Redmond don't care about throwing money at the market launching phones and working on a universal application ecosystem for users who are betting less and less on Windows on smartphones.

The delay of the launch of the final version of Windows 10 Mobile to all devices that Microsoft announced in its day assumed that many of those users chose directly to dispose of the phone and choose to change not only the manufacturer but also the operating system.


Windows Phone despite all the shortcomings that have always been blamed on it, it has not been a bad mobile platform. In fact, at the beginning of last year there was close to a 3% market share, a share that has been falling since now to stand at a sad 0,7%.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, part of the fault lies with Microsoft's mobile division with the continuous delays in launching the final version of Windows 10 mobile. But another part of the blame for this drop in share that almost puts it on the same level as Blackberry, is Microsoft and its lack of advertising.

Android is an operating system used by many manufacturers and with one being announced, users already know what can be found on their terminals. Apple has its own operating system that is only used in its terminals. Windows 10 Mobile is an operating system for mobiles and tablets that is shared in addition to by Microsoft, by other brands like Acer or formerly HTC and Samsung.

But if you don't announce it, users do not know that they have an option in the market to choose from. It should be borne in mind that 90% of users use their smartphone to view Facebook, Instagram, mail and little else, they do not ask for a large number of compatible applications, but to have the main one used by everyone and those applications They have been in the Microsoft mobile ecosystem for a long time.

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  1.   pedroescrivaandrews said

    I think they lack a wider range to complete the well-known 550, 650, 950 and 950 XL. A 750 as the older brother of the 650 and an 850 as the little brother of the 950 would give more play, it would not make the range more expensive and it would be positive for Windows, it would also help to find a user profile that already has a device with Windows 10, also to explain everything the world the advantages of having an extension of your PC in your hand, I believe and I am sure (I have one) that it is a magnificent phone, misunderstood and little worked, you cannot learn something from scratch if you do not have a base and Windows with the changes, updates and its lack of positive engagement have loaded up something really cool. With Surface phone we will have a very expensive last generation super PC phone (surely) and within the reach of very few, which would not help at all.