These are the news that Windows 10 Anniversary Update will offer us

Windows 10

Windows 10 will fulfill its first year on the market in the next few hours and to celebrate it, Microsoft will launch a new and great update of its new operating system. On August 2, everything is planned so that the 10 Anniversary Windows Update which will arrive loaded with news and improvements to which all users can get a great performance.

The new version of the most popular and used operating system in the world is unfinished software, which, as Microsoft already announced from the moment of its official presentation, will continue in continuous development. Proof of this are the continuous updates that are being released from Redmond, and that will have their peak with the arrival of the Anniversary Update.

As we already told you, the news and improvements are numerous, but today and through this article we want to show you the most important ones that we can start using from August 2, the date on which it will be officially made available to users of all the world.

Automatic time zone change

Windows 10

The new Windows update will offer a solution to a problem that became too heavy for many users and that was none other than the need to adjust the time of our device every time we changed time zone. Now With the arrival of the Anniversary Update, the time zone change will be carried out automatically without our having to intervene at any time.

This function was something that was present in other versions of Windows and in other operating systems, and it was not understood that it was not available in Windows 10. As of next August 2, if you travel frequently you will not have to look anymore with certain doubts the clock of your device.

Important changes in the interface

The interface of Windows 10 was greatly improved compared to that of Windows 8, offering us an image that reminded us of what we saw in Windows 7 and that a huge number of users liked so much. The guys at Satya Nadella know that the interface of the new version of the operating system has to improve, and with this new update we will see how improvements and news are introduced.

Among them will be the dark theme that will show up in those native apps and that will allow us to make better use of our device in certain light conditions. In addition we will also see how from now on, the Live Tiles, lead us to the information it shows. Until now we could see a piece of news, but we could not read it in full, something illogical, since a solution will be found with the Anniversary Update.

Finally we will also see how the Activity Center and the Start Menu undergo major changes in its design and in its functionality, and as it greatly improves one of the weaknesses of Windows 10 that was none other than the use in tablet mode.

Cortana improvements


Cortana, Microsoft's voice assistant, was one of the great novelties that Windows 10 brought us almost a year ago. After being highly applauded by a huge number of users, with the arrival of this new great update we will see how it improves greatly, taking a new step forward.

Among the novelties that are expected is the ability to interact with Cortana from the Windows 10 lock screen, allowing us to say "Hello Cortana" and perform various functions without having to unlock our computer.

In addition, we will find important improvements in terms of information provided, smarter responses and above all more complete and precise.

Windows Ink

Windows Ink will be one of the great novelties that the Anniversary Update brings with it and that will allow any user to use a stylus to carry out various tasks. Among them will be to write on top of any application, take notes or interact with the system in a way that was not available until now.

This new functionality will be especially interesting in touch devices and Surface devices, since at the moment there are not too many laptops or desktops with a touch screen.

Extensions coming to Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge It is Microsoft's new web browser, which is installed natively in Windows 10 and which replaced the always criticized Internet Explorer. This new software still has a long way to go to be, for example, at the level of Google Chrome, and one of the things that we all missed very much were the extensions.

Luckily With the arrival of the Anniversary Uupdate we will see how the extensions arrive in an official way to Microsoft Edge to make the new Redmond web browser even more useful. These extensions can be downloaded through the Windows application store and make our day-to-day work much easier.

In addition, we will also see how Edge will implement the ability to receive web notifications and display them in the Activity Center. In this way, if we authorize these notifications we will be able to see them in a very comfortable way.

Possibility of synchronizing our smartphone with Windows 10

It has been some time since we knew that any user with a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone could sync it with their computer, being able to receive information from our mobile device through Cortana. For this, it will be necessary to install an application, and after this you will be able to read messages or any other content on the terminal from our computer and even reply to that information.

In addition and as we have been able to know this new functionality will not be available only for devices with Windows 10 Mobile, but It will also be available for terminals with Android iOS operating system, which is undoubtedly great news for all of us who use Windows 10.

Windows 10 apps are coming to Xbox One


The arrival of Windows 10 on the market led to the emergence of universal applications, thanks to the universality of Microsoft's new operating system and the idea of ​​those from Redmond to develop a single software to run on multiple devices. This has allowed us to see the new Windows 10 not only on computers, but also on mobile devices, tablets and even the popular Xbox One.

With the Anniversary Update vLet's see how Cortana lands on the Xbox One, but we can also start making use of universal applications in the Microsoft console. One of the applications that we can start using will be Netflix, for example, something that will surely please a huge number of users. Of course this will not be the only application that we can use and anyone who has an Xbox One will be able to install and use the universal applications that are available for download in the official Windows application store, and that continue to grow rapidly with the passing of the days.

Windows Defender

To close this list of news that the Anniversary Update will bring with it, it has to do with Windows Defender, the antivirus integrated into the operating system and that has been improving over time to become a real alternative to any other antivirus of all those present on the market.

Among the novelties that we will find will be the limited periodic scanning, giving users the ability to use Windows Defender in conjunction with another antivirus different, something that until now was not possible. Although yes, it will not be necessary to use it together with another antivirus, although it is more than recommended.

We will also see new functionalities and some other interesting features in Windows Defender that Microsoft has not made official yet and that we will know in an official way on August 2, when the update is launched on the market.

Windows 10 continues to progress and improve

Since Windows 10 hit the market in an official way almost a year ago, the new operating system of Microsoft has not stopped improving and implementing new functions and features through different updates. The number of users of the latest version of the most popular operating system in the market continues to grow and Redmond wants to continue providing reasons so that the number of users does not stop growing, and with it they reach the goal of having 1.000 billion users before year 2018.

On August 2, all Windows 10 users have an important appointment with the 10 Anniversary Windows Update that will offer us new news and improvements in the latest version of the Windows operating system. Surely this will not be the last major update to Windows 10 and Microsoft will continue to develop its operating system.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to offer us a significant leap in quality in Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through one of the social networks in which we are present and where we would like you to tell us also what the new news and improvements seem like we can start using starting next August 2.

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