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Since mid-2021, Windows 11 is now available for free kick all those users who have a copy of Windows 10 and whose equipment meets a series of minimum requirements, although the one that affects the processor and the TPM chip can be skipalthough it is not recommended.

Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11? If you are still not very clear about whether it is really worth upgrading or buying a new computer if yours is not compatible to enjoy Windows 11, in this article we will try to clear up your doubts.


Windows 11

If we take a look at the Windows 11 requirements, we can check how the minimum requirements are to be able to enjoy this operating system they are practically the same as with Windows 10, but with some limitations, since it requires a 64-bit processor.

If your computer runs fine with Windows 10 and is compatible with Windows 11, you will not notice any performance or stability problems. Keep in mind that Windows 11 is built on the foundation of Windows 10, and includes a different user interface, but the way it works is the same.

Needless to say, if you have an SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive (HDD) the operating experience will be much smoother on both operating systems.

User interface

Windows 11

One of the Windows 11 interface designers stated that they decided to modify the way the taskbar works to adapt to current monitors, panoramic and larger monitors that force the user to move the view to the left to be able to interact with both the applications and the start menu.

In Windows 11, all taskbar icons are located in the center, along with the start button. In this way, every time we want to interact with it, to open an application or shortcut, we don't have to move our heads.

Although it may seem trivial, depending on the size of your computer's screen, you can check what this means. Once you try it, you will see how the idea of ​​placing the applications and the start button centered on the taskbar has been an excellent idea.

Improve desktop performance

Windows 11 desktops

Windows 11 includes a large number of improvements that are not exactly aimed at users who work with a single application on the screen, but rather for those who spend many hours in front of a computer and who, in addition, work with more than one application at a time and with two or more desktops.

With Windows 11, we can configure each of the desktops that we have in our equipment so that, automatically, the applications are placed in it.

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If, for example, we have 3 desktops, every time we open a different application, it will be placed on the desktop where it was the last time we ran it. In this way, when we want to use it, we only have to access the desktop where we know it is by means of a keyboard shortcut.

If we don't use different desktops, but if additional monitors, we are going to find the same operation.

Take advantage of widgets

Widgets in Windows 11

With Windows Vista came widgets. Regrettably, they did not have the success that Microsoft expected. Not only because of the woeful performance of Windows Vista in general, but also because the widgets hampered the performance of the computer, offering a woeful user experience.

After removing them with Windows 7, Microsoft has re-included them in Windows 11. But, unlike Windows Vista, the widgets work in a different and completely integrated way in the system.

Thanks to the widgets, we can access the weather information, our agenda, the task list, unread emails as well as website information at a glance on a screen.

Install Android Apps

Android apps on Windows 11

Another important novelty that will arrive in the coming months is the possibility of install the same apps that we usually use on our Android smartphone in Windows 11.

That way, if we don't finish find a PC application that meets our needs, but if we have found it on Android, we can use that version without any problem, keeping the content synchronized at all times through Google.

Is it worth upgrading to Windows 11?

In this article we have talked about the main attractions that we are going to find in Windows 11, with design being the most important and which, for a long time, will be the only reason to upgrade to this new version of Windows.

If the design is the least appealing to you, Microsoft allows us to change the design and keep it displayed the same layout settings as with Windows 10. However, it is not worth modifying it but getting used to it, since this is the new design of Windows from now on.

Also, both macOS and most Linux distributions, offer us the same design, with all the items on the taskbar placed in the center. Give it a try and you will see how this new design convinces you in the end.

Ransomware attacks have unfortunately become more than usual among all types of companies. Thanks to the TPM chip, Microsoft wants to prevent any software from being able to infect a computer and spread across a network quickly.

If you work in a corporate environment, the security of your data is something you cannot ignore. Not only doing daily backups, but also protecting your computers thanks to the solution offered by Windows 11 with the TPM 2.0 chip.

The TPM module is a chip integrated into the motherboard (which if our equipment does not include it, it can be added later), its objective is to help protect encryption keys, user credentials, and other data sensitive behind the hardware.

In this way, creates a barrier that apps cannot jump to access this data. TPM version 1.0 did not protect against cryptographic algorithms as sophisticated as those currently used in this type of attack.

With more than 6 months on the market (at the time of publishing this article), Windows 11 is fully functional, that is to say, that it does not have any operating problem that, if the first versions were offered, that is why it is never advisable to install the first versions of an operating system, especially when it comes to a computer used for work.

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