Create macros in Word

What are Word macros

Macros in Word allow us to automate tasks in a single command so as not to repeat them continuously.

Install fonts in Word

How to add fonts to Word

If you want to know how to add fonts to Word, in this article we show you the steps to follow to achieve it.

Create tables in Word

How to create tables in Word

Creating tables in Word is a very fast and simple process that we can do by following the steps that I detail in this article.

Microsoft Word

How to save an image from Word

Extracting an image from a Word document in its original format is a very simple process with the steps that we show you in this post

Microsoft Word

How to save a Word file to PDF

To convert a Word file to PDF, it is not necessary to resort to web services, since the application itself allows us to do it easily.

Sony camera as Webcam

How to use a Sony camera as a webcam

If you have a Sony camera, it is likely that you can use it as a webcam thanks to the Imaging Edge Webcam software that this manufacturer has launched.

Download Epic Games Store

How to download the Epic Games Store

If you want to take advantage of the different offers that the guys at Epic Games make available to us, the first thing to do is download the installer.

Open jp2 files

How to open .jp2 files

The jp2 format is not natively compatible with Windows, so we have to resort to third-party applications to open and convert it.